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How To Care For Glass and Mirror Furniture


It is undeniable that glass and mirrored furniture looks amazing in any home, but we can be very wary about how exactly we maintain this form of furniture. Throughout this guide, we will discuss exactly how to keep glass and mirror furniture to a high standard and keep it as shiny as possible!

Things You Will Need

You should never dive right into cleaning a glass or mirrored furniture item, as there are many restrictions to this process. Here are the key items you should use when cleaning this material:

Microfibre cloth to buff out the glass or mirror to remove any finger marks, without leaving fibre residue.
Glass-friendly polish to apply regularly to the mirrored furniture to add shine.
Glass-friendly antibacterial spray will rid of any dirt or bacteria build up without harming the glass.
Distilled white vinegar combined with water for more stubborn marks.

Benefits of Glass & Mirror

Aside from looking very modern and contemporary, metal beds and metal furniture items have their strong advantages, here's why they make excellent additions to your home:

  • Creates a highly luxurious and modern appeal to any bedroom.

  • Has light-reflecting properties which creates the illusion of a larger room.

  • Easily coordinated with each other or with other colours.

  • Durable in structure and can last a long time, if looked after well.

  • Produces a sparkling effect in your home.

  • Currently on-trend which has led to a wide variation of glass and mirrored furniture.

  • Cannot be tarnished with spillage and liquid absorption.

The Dos and Don'ts of Glass and Mirror Care

Cleaning a glass or mirrored furniture item can be daunting due to fear of causing scratches or damage, so here are some important tips of how to care for glass and mirrored furniture, as well as not what to do:

  • Do buff the glass or mirrored surface regularly to maintain shine.
  • Do read all labels on cleaning products to check if they are glass-friendly prior to use.
  • Do seek professional assistance for deep scratches or cracks in the furniture.
  • Do not use rough cloths when cleaning glass/mirror as this could create scratches.
  • Do not place items directly onto the glass to avoid damaging.
  • Do not use heavy or harmful cleaning products as these may cause smears and further smudges.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clean Glass and Mirrored furniture?


Begin the cleaning process by dusting the Glass and Mirrored furniture with a dry, soft microfibre cloth, removing the dust that would normally accumulate on the cloth whilst cleaning. Be sure not to use a duster with too coarse or brittle bristles, as this could causes scratches. Using this same cloth you can thoroughly clean your Glass and Mirrored furniture. You can either use commercially sold glass cleaner, or alternatively you can create your own cleaner by mixing traces of vinegar and dish soap with warm water. The ratios should roughly be 1:1:10 respectively for these materials.

What can I do to keep my Glass and Mirrored furniture looking new?


Simple, preventative measures such as using drink coasters, cleaning up any spills immediately and frequently dusting should maintain a ‘good as new’ gleam. Furniture that is usually adorned with items, such as console, side or coffee tables, can greatly benefit from subtle rubber pads being added to the bases of objects like sculptures, vases and ornaments. These will keep them in place, removing the risk of them sliding and scratching the surface.

How do you get film off of Glass and Mirror?


Swab the afflicted area with a soft microfibre cloth adorned with trace amounts of nail polish remover and then gently scrub with another soft microfibre cloth that’s been dampened with a mild detergent.

How do you keep dust off of Glass and Mirror?


Create a cleaning solution with a mixture of one part liquid fabric softener to four parts water. Store in a squirt bottle or lightly apply the solution to a soft microfibre cloth and wipe the Glass and Mirrored furniture. Once this has been achieved, give it a once over with a dry cloth.

How do you remove light scratches from Glass and Mirrored furniture?


Light scratches aren’t deep enough to cause a serious problem, though it’s always good to remove them. This can be done so with a simple home remedy; all you’ll need is a soft microfibre cloth and a non-gel toothpaste. Baking soda works wonders for these scratches too, so if you have toothpaste with baking soda in it then that’s even better. First dampen the cloth, only mildly, with cold water and apply a small dollop of toothpaste to it. Next, in small circular motions, rub the toothpaste adorned cloth on the afflicted area for roughly a minute. If the entire surface could do with a clean then you can change the small circular motions to wide circular motions and spend roughly half a minute on each area; as long as each section receives that minimum amount of time on it.

How do you remove deep scratches from Glass and Mirrored furniture?


The actual solution to these scratches is paste wax furniture polish, which can be lightly applied to the afflicted area. A thin layer across these scratches, not too thin that it’s barely on there but not so thick that it leaves a noticeable rise in the surface level, should be applied. If it reflects light then it should be good to leave to dry. Once it has dried you can go at it with the buffing (whether it’s with a healthy amount of elbow grease or the aforementioned polishing pad attachment), though not before applying some cerium oxide. This can be found online in a variety of forms, though be sure to check the product description and/or any reviews to see how effective it is.