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Sleep Soul Heaven Pocket Spung Mattress

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RRP From £359.99 Now From £199.99
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Reasons to Buy

  • 1000 pocket springs to provide superior support for multiple sleepers
  • 4cm of coolgel to keep you cool, comfortable and relaxed
  • Soft foam elements to provide orthopaedic comfort
  • Foam encased side walls to provide greater stability
  • Leave for two hours for a good night’s sleep - leave for 24 hours for a great night’s sleep!


The Sleep Soul Heaven Mattress is a vacuum packed mattress with a difference. With a super-soft euro top, 1000 pocket springs and cool gel memory foam, this mattress is dedicated to superior comfort, breathability and stability, with a super soft euro-box-top to provide your perfect night’s sleep in a luxurious, versatile mattress to suit any discerning sleeper.

CoolGel Foam

This superb pocket spring mattress arrives vacuum packed - just open it up and, within only a few hours, it’ll be a good night’s sleep. Leave it for a day, and it’ll be a superb night’s sleep. The clear air circulation, coolgel elements and memory foam layer provide medium support, promoting superb spinal alignment and comfort - and ensuring you wake up feeling fresh and comfortable, even during summer.

What's in the mattress?

  • 1. Quilted upper layer for the ultimate comfort
  • 2. 2cm of cool gel foam - advanced temperature regulation that slows down heat generation inside the mattress, keeping you cool and comfortable
  • 3. 2cm of cool gel foam - a second layer to control the mattress’s temperature
  • 4. 1cm soft foam layer - prevents poking springs & provides superior support
  • 5. 1000 pocket springs, providing consistent support for two individual sleepers
  • 6. Foam encased walls to provide greater structural support, straight to the edge
  • 7. Non-slip base fabric to ensure a secure night’s sleep for restless sleepers

  • 3ft Single:

    • A - Width: 90 cm (3')
    • C - Length: 190 cm (6'3")
    • Weight: 20 kg

    4ft6 Double:

    • A - Width: 135 cm (4'6")
    • C - Length: 190 cm (6'3")
    • Weight: 24.5 kg

    5ft King Size:

    • A - Width: 150 cm (4'6")
    • C - Length: 200 cm (6'3")
    • Weight: 30 kg

    6ft Super King Size:

    • A - Width: 180 cm (4'6")
    • C - Length: 200 cm (6'3")
    • Weight: 32 kg

    B - Mattress Depth (Thickness): 25 cm (9.8 inches)

    Note: Sizes and Weights are approximates and may vary slightly.

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