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TV Bed Buying Guide: How Does a TV Bed Work?

TV Bed Buying Guide: How Does a TV Bed Work?

Is there anything better than snuggling in bed with a good film or your favourite TV show? There might be - settling down to watch TV in your own TV bed! Combining technology and comfort, a TV bed offers the perfect place to relax in the morning or curl up in the evening in true style.

Are you considering a TV bed? You may have questions about how they work or whether they're worth it. You're in the right place! Read on as we tell you everything you need to know about buying a TV bed.

What is a TV bed, and how do they work?

As the name suggests, a TV bed is a specially designed bed base with space to store a TV in the bed’s footboard. A TV bed creates a longer-than-usual footboard to hold a TV inside the frame. Using a lifting mechanism, the TV rises from the footboard when in use but is hidden when you're not using it.

The footboard and lifting mechanism vary depending on your chosen bed. For some, you'll need to operate them manually. Others can be controlled with automatic electrical mechanisms.

Are TV beds easy to use?

All our TV beds are designed with simplicity, including how to reach the TV itself. Some of our TV beds have a specialised button system built into the footboard of the bed base, but most of our beds come with a remote control that allows you to raise and lower the TV with ease.

Most of our TV bed frames use a quiet, electric TV bed lift system, so you don't have to worry about raising or lowering the TV. Simply press the correct button on your remote control to operate your TV lift system efficiently. Please check each product individually to determine whether it has a remote control.

Are TV beds worth it? Benefits of a TV bed

So, the real question is - are TV beds any good? TV beds are an excellent combination of technology, practicality and comfort. If you love to watch telly in bed or are struggling to find space for a TV stand in your bedroom, a TV bed is ideal.

Not convinced? Check out just a few of the benefits of a TV bed.

1. Ideal for lie-ins

Let's get the obvious one out of the way - a bed with a built-in TV is designed for late-night or morning viewing from the comfort of your mattress. You don't even have to get changed out of your pyjamas. Simply grab the remote from your bedside and enjoy a few hours of viewing as you drift off to sleep.

A TV bed is the best Sunday morning accessory you could ask for! Add breakfast in there, too, and you'll be in heaven.

2. You don't need additional furniture stands

For most people to accommodate a TV in their bedroom, they likely need an extra unit, such as a chest of drawers high enough for the screen to be visible or for the TV to be wall-mounted.

With a TV bed, l there's no need to invest in an expensive stand or give up space on your wall or on top of your chest of drawers. Instead, your TV neatly fits into an empty cavity at the bottom of your bed.

3. Hide messy wires with ease

What do you see when you look at a television? Yes, the screen, but many of us also see a handful of messy multi-coloured wires poking out the back. But there's no need to unplug your Sky box or DVD player to tidy things up. All essential wires and USB cables can quickly and safely be hidden within the frame of a television bed.

Most of our TV beds feature a dedicated slot in their side that is perfect for your Sky TV box, hub, Xbox or PlayStation, meaning no trip hazards from trailing cables.

4. Added hidden storage

It's not just the television and its associated parts that you can store in a television bed, either. We have plenty of TV beds with storage built-in too. Whether you hide away spare bedding, towels, or your out-of-season clothing, our ottoman TV beds are excellent for smaller bedrooms or anyone who simply needs more storage space.

Lift the mattress using the relevant handle to access this storage area within an ottoman TV bed. This will reveal the entire bed base area, allowing you to store items easily. This makes an ottoman TV bed perfect for people who need extra storage space in their bedroom or if you can't fit additional furniture storage, such as a chest of drawers! Of all our TV beds, ottoman TV beds offer the greatest amount of storage, making them the perfect bed if you’re short on space but still want a touch of luxury.

5. No need to compromise your interior design

You'll probably find televisions frustrating if you like your home décor like us. You spend ages researching and perfecting a calming and aesthetically pleasing environment with throw pillows, accessories and soft furnishings, only to have a big black square ruin it.

Not anymore. The beauty of television beds is that they recess when they're not in use to form a discrete and seamless bed silhouette. In fact, from across the room, you'd never know something special about the bed. Not only do they make for more attractive television storage, but the beds themselves are also beautiful. Available in various colours and fabrics, you will surely find a TV bed to suit you.

6. Simplify TV installation

By choosing a TV bed, you can simplify installation. Whereas mounting a TV on the wall will involve drilling your freshly plastered, painted or wallpapered walls, a TV bed will leave no lasting traces that your TV was ever there.

7. Enjoy a home cinema experience

The use of surround sound in cinema screens means that you often feel like you're almost part of the film, with dialogue, sound effects and music coming at you from all angles. You can replicate this effect with a TV bed. Alongside the TV in the footboard, some TV beds have speakers built into the bed. So grab the popcorn, get your favourite drink and snuggle down for movie night!

8. Connect your phone or tablet to your bed

Want to charge your phone whilst you rest in comfort? Or maybe you may want to use the fantastic surround sound that your TV bed offers you. Every TV bed we stock on Happy Beds provides a range of connectivity options that will transform your morning or nighttime routine!

Whether it's USB charging ports or Bluetooth connectivity, they help reduce how much you have plugged into the wall. Chill in the morning in a super king TV bed with your favourite playlists, or get ready to sleep with a soothing podcast thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, letting you connect your phone to your bed!

Can any TV go in a TV bed?

Regarding what TVs can go in your TV bed, it depends on the dimensions. Your TV should be slimline to fit neatly within the bed frame and shouldn't exceed the height or width of the footboard or lifting mechanism.

For most of our TV beds, you can fit slimline TVs with a screen size of between 20-43 inches. However, always double-check the specifications for the product you're eyeing to ensure everything will fit perfectly. Remember that you’ll be lying around 6ft away from your TV, so any larger and you risk straining your eyesight as you watch.

Are TVs included with TV beds?

TV beds don't usually include TVs. A TV bed is a specially designed bed frame with a lifting mechanism in the footboard to hold a TV. They're designed to fit your current TV or any TV you choose (that fits!). For this reason, they don't come with the TV already included. Make sure to double-check the dimensions to ensure your chosen TV will fit!

How do TV beds plug in?

TV beds plug into your usual electrical sockets. The wires and leads are safely tucked out of sight inside the bed frame, with room for the main wire to run under the bed and connect to an external plug. As your bed may not be directly next to a plug socket, you may need an extension lead to reach it.

Can you put an Xbox or Sky box in a TV bed?

Yes, you can fit an Xbox or Sky box in a TV bed. Most TV beds even come with a specific slot inside the footboard to easily hold in any additional tech and wires.

Buying a TV bed: what to consider

If you think a TV bed is right for you, there are a few things to consider before buying one. We'd suggest thinking about the following:

Size of the bed

Think about the size you'd like your TV bed to be and how it will fit in your space. Always remember that TV beds are slightly longer than regular beds, as additional room is built into the footboard to store your TV. Double check you’ll have enough room at the bottom of the bed for any drawers or wardrobe doors to open.

Our TV beds start in double sizes, allowing room for TVs. If you want even more space to lounge, you can choose a king size TV bed or even a super king.

Size of the TV

The size of the compartment to store the TV will vary between bed bases. If you’re buying a bed frame to suit your existing TV, ensure the compartment size is compatible. Because you’ll lie fairly close to the TV, a bigger screen size is often unnecessary.

Special features

What do you want from your bed? Are you just looking for a simple TV bed or want something with additional special features? Our TV beds are packed with technology, including built-in speakers that can be easily connected to your TV via the included mechanisms to get a cinema experience.

We also have some fantastic tech beds, including high-tech LED lighting and USB charging ports to fully charge your phone or tablet. With so many entertainment options, you'll always want to stay in bed!

Storage options

Something we're often asked by people tight on space is, "Do TV beds have under-bed storage?". And the answer is yes; we have many storage options! If you want to save space in your bedroom, you can go one step further with an ottoman TV bed. These beds include handy space for a TV and lift-up under-bed storage to store clothes, spare sheets, or any of your other essentials.

How easy is it to build a TV bed?

We pride ourselves on ensuring that all of our bedroom furniture is high quality and incredibly easy to assemble in the home. This includes our TV beds, which are exceptionally easy to build!

Each TV bed frame has simple, step-by-step instructions to make it a stress-free experience. Additionally, our TV beds arrive flat-packed, making it simple to move into your preferred room before building. For useful tips on preparing yourself for building your bed, look at our guide on preparing for flat-packed beds.

Where can I buy a TV bed?

Convinced? If you want to buy a TV bed, you're in the right place. From modern velvet and fabric TV beds to classic leather designs, we have a collection of tech-packed TV beds to ensure your next movie binge is a dream!

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