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Folding Beds

Our range of folding beds – which includes foldable single beds and folding double beds – are the perfect answer to guest sleeping worries. Nobody likes having to sort out sleeping arrangements for visitors, so save on fuss with our range of folding beds.

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8 Items

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Minimalist and Modern Fold Up Guest Beds

Obviously, you won’t be having guests over every night, but having a folding guest bed on hand can be invaluable. Browse below for the best of our folding beds, which don’t sacrifice that signature Happy Beds quality despite their smaller size.

How do folding beds work?

Folding beds typically have a strong frame and a flexible mattress. The design is complemented by a spring-based mechanism, automatic legs and 360° castors. The result is a bed that folds out easily with just a little added pressure.

Happy Beds folding beds also come with bespoke mattresses, which are rigorously tested to ensure they can manage long term and consistent folding.

Are folding beds comfortable?

Yes! A fold-out bed can be just as comfortable as a standard double bed, for example.

The sprung slatted bases, secure foot ends and high-quality mattresses of our folding beds ensure that whoever is sleeping on the fold-out bed can enjoy a restful sleep.

At Happy Beds, we offer a manufacturer's guarantee too, so you can rest easy knowing you or your guest are sleeping in a bed that's both comfortable and practical.

What are the advantages of a folding bed?

The main advantage of a folding bed is how much space it saves. The majority of other guest beds stay in their position permanently, but this isn’t the case for a fold-out bed. It can be stored away for use at a later time, plus it’ll always be available should you have a surprise visitor, making it an excellent option for a guest bed.

What types of folding beds are available?

At Happy Beds we stock folding beds in the following sizes:

For each of these sizes, you can choose between two folding bed types: fabric and metal. Both types feature the same mechanism, so this choice is entirely down to your individual style.