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Mid and High Sleeper Bed Guide

Mid and High Sleeper Bed Guide

If you're looking for a new bed for a child, you've likely come across mid and high-sleeper beds. These handy children’s beds come with great space-saving features, often with built-in desks, shelves and qualities that mean they're loved by kids and teenagers alike.

We understand there are many options, and finding the right bed for your child can be difficult. That's why we've put together a handy mid and high-sleeper bed guide with all the information you need to decide. From the difference between mid and high-sleeper beds to extra safety advice, here's everything you need to know.

What is the difference between a mid-sleeper bed and a high sleeper bed?

Mid-sleeper and high-sleeper beds are raised beds elevated off the ground to help make the most of the space beneath the bed.

As the name suggests, high sleeper beds are the taller of the two, with the sleeping area elevated to a similar height as a bunk bed. Mid-sleeper beds sit between a standard bed frame and a high sleeper. You can learn more about each type below:

What is a mid-sleeper bed?

Mid-sleeper beds, sometimes called cabin beds, are raised from the ground, allowing room for additional storage. Mid-sleeper beds often have drawers, shelving or space for storage beneath the sleeping area.

Because they’re not quite as high and the ladders to the bed itself are shorter, a mid-sleeper bed is a popular choice for younger children (6+). Some mid-sleeper beds have a play area beneath, which makes them appealing for younger children, while others feature built-in storage that is perhaps more mature for older kids.

What is a high sleeper bed?

High sleeper beds, or loft beds, sit taller than mid-sleepers, allowing even more room for storage. They often come with wardrobes and desks underneath, making them a great space-saving option in smaller bedrooms.

Of the two, high sleeper beds are better suited to older children. Some high sleeper beds have a desk under the bed, making them great for studying, while others have built-in storage that can be used for everything from books to video games.

How high is a mid-sleeper bed?

The height of a mid-sleeper bed varies depending on design, but they're usually between 110 cm and 140 cm tall. In comparison, at Happy Beds, our standard bed frames are between 32cm and 35cm high on average (from the base of the mattress to the floor).

How high is a high-sleeper bed?

High sleeper beds are similar in height to bunk beds. While they can vary in height, they are between 170 cm and 200 cm tall on average. This can be different depending on design, with some sitting taller and others shorter.

What age can a child sleep in a mid-sleeper & high-sleeper?

Both mid-sleeper and high-sleeper beds are suitable for children over 6. As these beds need a ladder to access, we wouldn't recommend them for children younger than this due to safety concerns.

If you're looking for a bed for a younger child, we have plenty of cots, toddler beds, and small single kids' beds to explore.

Above the age of 6, mid and high-sleeper beds are suitable for a vast age range. High sleeper or loft beds with built-in desks are trendy for teenagers - they save space, help keep their bedrooms tidy (always a plus!) and provide an excellent spot for doing homework or gaming.

Are mid and high-sleeper beds safe?

If you've bought a high-quality mid or high-sleeper bed and followed the assembly instructions correctly, there's no reason they should be unsafe. However, as this type of bed is often used by children, there are some general safety tips to consider to make sure it's as safe as possible.

Here are some extra steps to ensure your child's safety when sleeping in a mid or high-sleeper bed.

1. Don't play on the bed

While it might be tempting for kids to play on the bed and ladder, it should be clear that the bed in a mid or high-sleeper should only be used for sleeping. Playing on the bed, hanging off the ladder or treating the bed as a climbing frame increases the risk of falls and injury.

2. Don't use under 6 years old

Mid and high-sleeper beds aren't suitable for children younger than 6. If your child is younger than 6, stick to a low bed until they're older.

3. Only allow one child on the bed

Higher beds can be a huge novelty for children. If they have friends around, make sure the children know that only one person should be on the bed at a time.

4. Install a guardrail

Mid and high-sleeper beds come with a guard rail, offering additional protection for children. You should follow the assembly instructions and ensure this rail is installed correctly to provide an extra protective barrier for your child.

5. Install carpet or a rug

If you follow assembly instructions and ensure the mid or high-sleeper bed is used correctly, there should be no safety concerns. However, it's always better to be safe than sorry! Carpets are the best option beneath a high bed, as they reduce the risk of significant injury should a fall occur. If you don't have carpet, we'd recommend placing a rug underneath the bed.

6. Check you have enough space

While a high sleeper can help you maximise the floor space in your room, it’s essential to check you have enough between the sleeping space and the ceiling to keep your child safe and prevent any bumps. Around 2ft should be large enough of a gap.

How long do mid and high-sleeper beds last?

All our high and mid-sleeper beds are quality and durable. Provided they are assembled, used and cared for correctly, your chosen mid or loft bed could see your child through their teenage years.

It’s important to note that your child’s preferences will likely change over time. For example, a play area may be necessary now, but a desk would be more beneficial in the future. Likewise, sleep-obsessed teenagers may wish to switch to a larger bed when they age.

You can mitigate many of these potential concerns by choosing a neutral bed frame that will stand the test of time. For example, a simple white frame with built-in storage will be just as useable by a six-year-old as by a sixteen-year-old.

What mattress do I need for a mid or high-sleeper bed?

Mid and high-sleeper beds come in the same dimensions as standard beds, so the bed size will quickly determine the mattress size you need - if you buy a single mid or high-sleeper, a single mattress will fit perfectly.

However, you must consider mattress height with mid-sleeper or high-sleeper beds. Because the bed is raised from the ground, your mattress mustn't exceed the bed frame or rail height, which could increase the chance of your child rolling out.

If you're buying a mid or high-sleeper bed from Happy Beds, they come with specific measurements on each product page, along with the recommended mattress height, so you can ensure your new bed and mattress fit together perfectly.

What bedding do I need for a mid or high-sleeper bed?

Similarly, when it comes to bedding for a mid or high-sleeper bed, you can simply opt for the standard size. Most of our mid- and high-sleeper beds are singles, so single bedding will fit exactly. We have some mid and high-sleeper beds in European single and European small double sizes - for a precise fit, look for bedding that matches these dimensions.

How much weight can a loft bed hold?

Mid and high-sleeper beds are designed and tested to hold a child's or teenager's weight. This doesn't mean adults can't use the beds but instead means they may have yet to be tested explicitly for holding higher weights. If you have concerns about a specific product, check the details on the product page or contact our friendly customer support team.

Are you looking to buy a mid or high-sleeper bed? Call us biased, but we have some of the best high-sleeper beds in the UK! We have a huge range of options to choose from, including gaming beds, desk beds and bookcase beds. Explore the complete collection today to find the bed of your child's dreams.

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