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Bibop White Wooden Bunk Bed

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RRP From £1,574.99 Now From £874.99
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Reasons to Buy

  • Contemporary storage bunk bed
  • Durable and versatile white finish
  • Optional add-on of large pull-out underbed storage drawer
  • Modern, rounded design
  • Secure safety raised edges on upper bunk
  • Bedside storage shelves for both bunks
  • Sturdy side steps doubling as shelves
  • Supportive rail for ease of climbing
  • Supportive platform base for both bunks
  • 10% off any mattress bought alongside a bed


Toys, clothes, books - do the kids have too much clutter on the floor? Not anymore, with the Happy Beds Bibop White Bunk Bed! The Bibop is a beautifully modern bed that blends comfort and style with ultimate functionality. It features sectioned storage shelves, step-storage as well as an underbed storage space with the option of a drawer; it also has platforms supporting both mattresses to give the ultimate support to your little ones as they sleep.

The adaptable white finish of the Bibop means that it looks perfect in any kind of bedroom with any style of decor; its simple, curved design will garner envy from any visitors staying over for a sleepover. The metal side rail that helps lead up to the upper bunk adds that extra touch of minimalist, modern design and adds to the safety of the bed.

The storage capacity of the Bibop bunk is its star feature - steps that double as storage shelves, sectioned shelves for both bunks, and an underbed space perfect for even more storage with the option of adding an additional drawer or single bed! These shelves are perfect for keeping anything your kids need close to them - a bedside lamp, books, toys anything! Keeps it all of the floor!

There will be absolutely no fighting about who gets what bunk because they're both equally as great! This storage is perfect for smaller bedrooms that need all the space they can get, and helps your little ones keep their rooms tidy.

Both comfort and safety are important! The Bibop bed as both bunks have platform bases to give a firm base and to offer plenty of mattress support, and the raised safety sides means that the top sleeper will feel safe and sound as they sleep at night.
Happy Beds Acacia White Bunk Bed Sketch Dimensions

European Single Bed Frame:

  • A - Height: 171 cm
  • B - Length: 245.5 cm
  • C - Width: 114.5 cm

  • D - Distance Between Bunks: 72 cm
  • E - Ladder Width: 38 cm

  • F - Bottom Storage Height: 32 cm
  • G - Bottom Storage Width: 92 cm
  • H - Bottom Storage Depth: 36 cm

  • I - Middle Storage Height: 26 cm
  • J - Middle Storage Width: 80 cm
  • H - Middle Storage Depth: 36 cm

  • I - Top Storage Height: 26 cm
  • K - Top Storage Width: 65 cm
  • H - Top Storage Depth: 36 cm

  • L - Top Shelf Height: 25 cm
  • M - Top Shelf Width: 80 cm
  • N - Top Shelf Depth: 16 cm

  • O - Bottom Shelf Height: 25 cm
  • P - Bottom Shelf Width: 64 cm
  • Q - Bottom Shelf Depth: 16 cm

  • Weight: 177 kg

Mattress Size: 90 x 200 cm

Recommended Mattress Height: 18 cm

All measurements are approximates.

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