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Jay-Be Benchmark S5 Hybrid Pocket Spring Mattress

RRP From £431.982000 Save £83.99 Now From £239.99
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RRP From £431.982000 Save £83.99 Now From £239.99
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What Makes It Great
Depth of the mattress can affect the comfort and suitability for use in certain bed frames or bunk beds.
Our mattresses comply with British Standards and Regulations, which make them safer for all (BS 7177:2008 compliant).
Conveniently located on the sides of the mattress for easy turning and handling. These handles are flag stitched for strong attachment.
The materials used in the mattress are suitable for people who have sensitive skin or are suffering from asthma. A hypoallergenic mattress helps prevent an allergic reaction because of its composition.
Rotate (turn 180°) your mattress once a week for the first 6 weeks and then every 6 weeks after so the head end becomes the foot end and vise versa. The rotatable mattress has one sleeping surface. Most of the time, it has memory foam or a pillow top on its sleeping surface. It’s easy to look after this mattress as there is no need to flip it over.
Each individually nested spring is placed in a fabric pocket and moves independently when you lie on the mattress. When two people are on the mattress, neither of them will be disturbed if the other one moves. Mattresses with pocket springs offer more comfort than those with open coil springs.

Reasons to Buy

  • Deep e-Spring core topped with innovative micro e-Pocket springs that not only adapt to even the slightest of body movements but also remove the need for glue, making them even easier to recycle
  • Innovative advance e-Fibre comfort layers that remove the need for foam whilst providing you with the comfiest sleeping experiences possible
  • Breathable comfort layers help to reduce moisture, preventing mould and other unpleasantries
  • Open cell structure provides paramount temperature regulation so you can finally say goodbye to not being able to sleep during those hot and muggy nights
  • An exceptionally soft to the touch knitted cover with a quilted finish, resulting in a blissful sleeping surface that has to be experienced to be believed

Eco-friendly mattresses designed for our future

The Jay-Be Benchmark S5 Hybrid Mattress prioritises the environment whilst offering you the exceptional support and comfort that you’ve come to expect from a modern mattress. The Jay-Be Pocket Spring Mattress is so much more than that, though

The Jay-Be S5 Hybrid Mattress is definitely worthy of the benchmark name. This innovative yet environmentally friendly mattress is certain to help you get an excellent night’s sleep every night, thanks to its fantastic temperature regulation and ability to reduce moisture. The unique combination of e-Fibre and e-Pocket springs make the Jay-Be Benchmark Hybrid Mattress an exceptional choice for those who are not only concerned about the environment but for those who simply want a mattress that offers the best sleeping experience possible.

Whats in the mattress?

Cross section
  1. 1Knitted cover that’s luxuriously soft and makes for a blissful sleeping surface
  2. 2Innovative advance e-Fibre for extra fine comfort
  3. 3Rebound e-Fibre that provides excellent contour support
  4. 4Micro e-Pocket springs that are environmentally friendly and offer adaptable support
  5. 5High density eco insulator so you can stay comfortable whilst enjoying the supportive benefits of springs
  6. 6Deep e-Spring core evenly distributes support for all sleepers all the whilst being more durable
  7. 7Bespoke e-Fibre base layer
  8. 8Padded border that helps to maximise the durability of your mattress
  9. 9Useful handles so you can easily position and rotate your mattress

Featuring Award Winning Advance e-Fibre™

This award-winning material is Jay-Be's most advanced e-Fibre, proven to offer significant environmental benefits including:

90% Less CO2 Emissions.*
99% Less Water Used.*
99% Reduced Land Space.*

*Statistics are based on the life cycle analysis of Advance e-Fibre when compared to cotton. Results verified by an independent body.

3ft Single:

  • Width: 90 cm (3')
  • Length: 190 cm (6'3")
  • Weight: 19.8 kg

4ft Small Double:

  • Width: 120 cm (4')
  • Length: 190 cm (6'3")
  • Weight: 25.3 kg

4ft6 Double:

  • Width: 135 cm (4'6")
  • Length: 190 cm (6'3")
  • Weight: 28.9 kg

5ft King Size:

  • Width: 150 cm (5')
  • Length: 200 cm (6'6")
  • Weight: 30.7 kg

Mattress Depth (Thickness): 20 cm (7.9 inches)

Note: Sizes and Weights are approximates and may vary slightly.

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