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Canto Glass Curved Dressing Table Mirror - 65 cm x 50 cm

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Now £104.99 RRP From £99,999.00
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Reasons to Buy

  • Clear glass gives you HD quality reflections every time
  • Adjustable side mirrors offer complete reflection
  • Lacquered MDF giving a high-quality finish
  • Soft felt backing offers a delicate touch towards the mirror
  • The Canto mirror will reflect natural light throughout the room


When it comes to looking your best for the day ahead, there are many obstacles that could potentially obstruct you. Running out of make-up, putting on the wrong shade of lipstick, accidentally spraying your partner’s perfume. Luckily, with the inclusion of beautiful accessories such as this dressing table mirror, you can allow yourself to fully prepare yourself in style. The clear glass finish means you have high quality reflections every morning, leaving you clear-minded with how you look and feel.

Although manufactured to be situated atop of a dressing table, this piece can sit anywhere you like. The glass design means there isn’t any particular colour scheme it needs to match, making it transferable to any room in the house!

Look Your Best – Feel The Best!

Manufactured with lacquered MDF with the glass applied afterwards, you’re guaranteed a lightweight accessory to not only help you look amazing but also reflect the natural light from the windows. There is a soft felt backing which adds a delicate touch to the mirror, increasing the quality of this piece overall. Mirrors offer more purposes than you think, apart from giving you the ability of seeing yourself, so why not take advantage of the way it can brighten up a room with literally minimum effort required?

The adjustable side mirrors give you a full-frontal reflection with the benefit of angled reflections as well. No more awkward re-positioning for your chair to get a clear look at every aspect of your appearance. The obstacles of the morning preparation are a thing of the past with this mirror, allowing you to focus on the more important aspects of the day ahead. Morning traffic, errands to be done, paperwork to fill out!
Canto Dressing Table Mirror Sketch


  • A - Height: 50 cm
  • B - Width: 65 cm
  • C - Depth: 1.6 cm

  • Weight: 5 kg

All measurements are approximates.

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