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How To Care For Real and Faux Leather Beds and Furniture
Explore all our tips on how to keep real and faux leather beds and furniture looking its best with our care guide. Read now to find out more.
How To Care For Glass and Mirror Furniture
Find out how to care for your luxury glass and mirrored furniture with our useful How To guide, full of tips and information to keep it looking its best.
How To Care For Metal Beds and Furniture
The Happy Beds guide on how to care for metal beds and furniture will help you to keep your furniture last a long time whilst looking great.
How To Care For Wooden Beds and Furniture
Find plenty of useful hacks and advice on how to keep your wooden bed and furniture looking its best with the Happy Beds How To guide.
How To Care For Fabric Beds and Furniture
Make sure your fabric bed and furniture is always looking beautiful with our Happy Beds How To guide, full of useful tips and tricks.
How to Clean a Mattress
It’s important to keep your mattress clean, but what’s the best way to do that? Read our guide on how to clean a mattress to learn how.
How to Fit a Headboard
Have you bought a new headboard, but you aren't sure how to attach it? Our Happy Beds guide to fitting a headboard breaks it down into 4 simple steps.
How To Paint Your Bed Frame
Does your bed need a glow-up, but you can't bear to part with it? Find out how to paint a bed frame with Happy Beds for tips, tricks and more.
How to Stop a Wooden Bed from Squeaking
Are you suffering from a creaking or squeaky bed? In this post, we're offering advice on how to fix a squeaky wooden bed so you can sleep soundly.
How to Fix and Reinforce a Bed Frame
Have you got a damaged bed frame? Read our post for tips on reinforcing and fixing your broken wooden or metal bed frame, helping extend its lifespan.
How to Assemble an Ottoman Bed
Bought an ottoman bed? Happy Beds step-by-step guide tells you all you need to know about putting it together, helping simplify the assembly process.
How to Stop a Metal Bed from Squeaking
Wondering how to stop that annoying squeak every time you get into bed? Read our guide on how to stop a metal bed from squeaking to make your bedtime quieter.
How To Clean A Fabric Headboard
Has your fabric headboard seen better days? At Happy Beds, we're detailing the best ways to keep your fabric headboard clean and looking its best.
How to Stop a Mattress From Sliding
If a sliding mattress is disrupting your sleep, read Happy Beds' guide for helpful advice on how to stop it. Explore our useful tips now.
How to Recycle a Mattress
Why is recycling your mattress so important? And did you know we offer mattress recycling? Read our guide now to find out.
How To Make A Firm Mattress Softer
If you have a firm mattress that feels too hard, check out the tips and tricks in Happy Beds’ guide on making a firm mattress softer.
How Often Should You Change Your Mattress?
How often should you change your mattress - and when is it time for a new mattress? Find out this and more in Happy Beds’ guide. as we examine the facts of sleep!
How To Make A Mattress Firmer
Is your current mattress too soft? Don’t worry! Happy Beds are here to help with their guide on how to make a mattress firmer. Read our top tips today.
How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs
Learn the telltale signs of bed bugs and how to get rid of them in this Happy Beds guide; read now for all our tips and tricks!
How Often Should I Wash My Bedding?
Did you know every inch of your bed should be cleaned regularly? How do you keep your bed hygienic? Find out with our sleep expert on the Happy Beds guide!
How To Store Bedding
Looking for ways to keep your bed sheets fresh after washing them? Explore our 7 tips now, from not using plastic boxes to coffee grounds.
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I think the whole thing went perfectly…
I think the whole thing went perfectly…
I think the whole thing went perfectly from start t finis
Very good
Very good
Brilliant material, easy assembly, very nice service
Excellent customer service!!
Excellent customer service!!
Kyi from Happy Beds was excellent in sorting a problem out. Amazing customer service!. Thank you!! Mr Edwards
Fantastic mattress
Fantastic mattress
Fantastic mattress, very comfortable
Really good customer service from…
Really good customer service from…
Really good customer service from Chantal. She was very professional and dealt with my query very efficiently and quickly.
Great thanks
Great thanks
First class service throughout from Happy Beds. Thank you very much. Mattress delivered earlier than expected. Delivery guys very friendly and professional. They found the marina very easy. I went to them after phone call, to say they had arrived. Helped me load mattress on a trolley, waved bye. Mattress looks great and fits perfect. Highly recommend Happy Beds.
Great company even better customer service
Great company even better customer service
Quick delivery, good quality items. Customer service is great, we were speaking to a lady called Aimee as one of the parts for the bed was faulty. Dealt with it quickly and replacement sent a couple days after the initial enquiry. Thank you
Great prices and even better customer…
Great prices and even better customer…
Great prices and even better customer service. really impressed with this company. bunk beds are great and the problem I had was resolved by Caroline and Sophie with no hassle. Would definitely buy from them again