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Lynx White and Grey 3 Drawer Bedside Table

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Now £104.99 RRP From £189.99
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Reasons to Buy

  • Combine the drawers and top shelf to give you up to 4 levels of storage
  • Slim handles allows the drawer to take the limelight
  • Neutral finish allows the drawers to fit with most interior décor
  • Keep up to 5kg of possessions on the top panel
  • Each drawer possesses a 2.5kg weight limit
  • Upgrade your bedroom necessities
  • Keep all your bedroom essentials in one location for ease of access


That wonderful feeling of getting into a nice and comfy in bed with new pyjamas and fresh sheets – it’s the things that dreams are made of, literally! Unfortunately, you’ve forgotten that the remote for the TV was left on the other side of the room. Nightmare! Spell an end to the constant getting up and out of your comfy state of mind with the inclusion of a bedside table, meaning you can have everything you need in one handy spot. Putting a contemporary twist on a traditional piece, the Lynx White and Grey 3 Drawer Bedside Table offers up to four levels of storage with boundless levels of elegance.
The clue is in the name as to where it is best kept, but drawers are drawers and can be kept anywhere you like. Turn a bedroom piece into a professional study accessory – the power is in your hands!

Glasses, Drinks and Mobile Phone!

The MDP used in construction offers a high-quality bedside necessity with the guarantee of durability and protection for your possessions within. The sleek design of the drawers, which include slim handles to almost advertise the drawer’s design, transforms the entire atmosphere that is the bedroom décor.
Each individual drawer can withstand up to 2.5kg of items, meaning things like your books, underwear, portable electronics and glasses are all within one safe haven, just waiting for you! Sentimental possessions such as family photos and necessities such as alarm clocks and mobile phones can be kept upon the top panel which can hold up to 5kg of weight.
Just imagine a bedtime where your phone, your TV remote, a drink and a mood-changing nightlight is right at your grasp; allowing you to kick back and relax at the end of the day. The product is part of the Lynx White and Grey Wooden Bedroom Furniture Collection.
Lynx White And Grey 3 Drawer bedside Table Sketch

Bedside Table:

  • A - Height: 69 cm
  • B - Width: 40 cm
  • C - Depth: 37.9 cm

  • D - Drawer Height: 18.5 cm
  • E - Drawer Width: 30.9 cm
  • F - Drawer Depth: 28.5 cm

  • Weight: 13 kg

All measurements are approximates.

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