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Lynx White and Grey 4 Drawer Chest

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Now £179.99 RRP From £324.99
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  • Combine the drawers with the top panel to have up to 5 levels of storage
  • The sleek drawers can offer a contemporary twist on the bedroom
  • Silver detailed horizontal handles allow the drawers to shine and promote themselves
  • Each drawer can support up to 5kg worth of possessions
  • The top panel can support up to 8kg of weight
  • Keep clutter off the floor and keep your feet injury-free
  • Available in a variety of different colours


Storage solutions are a wonderful addition to any room, so place the Lynx White and Grey 4 Drawer Chest where storage is needed the most! Take advantage of what these drawers can bring and kiss goodbye to treating your floor like an assault course! Why not invest in something that will give you a huge helping hand with keeping everything in place?

More drawers than you know what to do with!

You are guaranteed a high-quality finish with these drawers due to the MDP construction, meaning your items will stand the test of time and remain intact for whenever you need them. Your children’s toys or your important documents will be kept safe no matter how often they’re moved about within the drawer! The sleek top panel makes storing your most cherished items a doddle, meaning you can look at that precious family photo with a smile on your face.
Boasting an impressive four drawers of equal dimensions, this chest of drawers can really give you a helping hand in clearing the clutter off the floor, leaving you to really bring out your inner Mary Poppins whilst doing the cleaning. Assign a drawer for miscellaneous items such as batteries and foreign currency and leave the rest for organised clutter. Channel any OCD and label the drawers – the power is up to you. We just want you to really take advantage of this storage solution, whichever way you decide to do so! The product is part of the Lynx White and Grey Wooden Bedroom Furniture Collection.
Lynx White And Grey 4 Drawer Chest


  • A - Height: 89 cm
  • B - Width: 76.6 cm
  • C - Depth: 37.9 cm

  • D - Drawer Height: 8.9 cm
  • E - Drawer Width: 67.4 cm
  • F - Drawer Depth: 28.5 cm

  • Weight: 26.51 kg

All measurements are approximates.

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