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Soprano Glass Folding Dressing Table Mirror - 65 cm x 50 cm

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Now £114.99 RRP From £99,999.00
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Reasons to Buy

  • The sophisticated design will give your room a stylish décor makeover
  • Neutral coloured finish removes the need for a décor change surrounding the mirror
  • Lacquered MDF means the mirror is lightweight enough to be easily re-located
  • The clear glass gives you a HD reflection, every time
  • Adjustable side mirrors gives you a clear reflection from every angle you need
  • Ensure your make-up and hair is on point with this mirror!
  • The soft felt backing delivers a subtle, classy touch to the mirrors facade


There is a universal purpose towards mirrors, but they possess a subtle purpose that not many people know about. Yes, ultimately, a mirror gives you the ability to see how you look at any given time of the day, even though most of us wouldn’t like to look at ourselves first thing in the morning! However, what if you were to have a mirror that you don’t just look within? It sounds bizarre, but think about it! A mirror can reflect natural light and, with the addition of adjustable side mirrors, can give you a room reflection from three different angles.

Because mirrors are re-locatable and provide the same benefits wherever you place it, you have an abundance of locations of where it can go. Remember, just because you have a mirror, it doesn’t mean you’re obligated to look in it! Unless you’re unavoidably good looking of course!

Reflect Your Personality!

The featherweight soft felt at the back of the Soprano Folding Dressing Table Mirror provides a delicate and subtle touch to further add to the elegance of the piece; rather than a stocky, hard backing. You could say it exposes the glass pane to more risk of damage, but the lacquered MDF that surrounds it offers a crucial level of protection.

Allow the natural light from the windows to reflect off the mirror and brighten up the remainder of the room, making every entrance you make into the room a dazzling one!
Happy Beds Soprano Folding Dressing Table Mirror Sketch Dimensions


  • A - Height: 50 cm
  • B - Width: 65 cm
  • C - Depth: 2.5 cm

  • Weight: 3.5 kg

All measurements are approximates.

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