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Bunk Beds Guide
What sizes do bunk beds come in? Are bunk beds safe? We answer these questions, and many more in our definitive bunk beds guide; read now.
Mattress Buying Guide
From the mattress types available to firmness explained, our mattress buying guide helps you find the best mattress for you. Find out more here.
Divan Beds Buying Guide
Check out the Happy Beds divan beds buying guide to find out how to find the perfect divan bed. It’s full of useful tips to make the right buying decision.
Bed Size Guide
Do you get confused about the different bed sizes available? Our Bed Size FAQs have plenty of helpful information to help you understand better! Look now.
Kids Beds Buying Guide
There is a range of types, sizes, and styles of beds for kids. From toddlers to teenagers, our Happy Beds guide will help you find the perfect bed.
Ottoman Bed Buying Guide
Ottoman beds are ideal if you're looking for an easy storage solution. Happy Beds’ guide explains everything about ottoman beds and how they work.
Bed Height Guide: What Height Should a Bed Be?
Wondering how high a bed should be? From aesthetics to health, our Happy Beds bed height guide helps you figure out what size bed you need.
Mattress Size Guide
From single to super king, there's a lot to consider when choosing a new mattress. Our mattress size guide tells you everything you need to know.
Understanding the Happy Beds Symbols
Get to know our wide range of mattresses, by familiarising yourself with the Happy Beds' symbols key in the Happy Beds Symbols Guide.
How to use the Build Your Own Bed Tool
Want to design your dream bed? Our Build Your Own Bed Tool FAQs helps to answer your questions about how to use the Happy Beds Build Your Own Bed Tool.
How to Measure Bed Size
Make sure your new bed will fit your space with our bed measurements guide. We have everything you need, from how to measure beds to things to consider.
Furniture Wood Guide
Our wooden furniture guide details all the different types of wood we use in our furniture, from softwood and hardwood to MDF and oak. Take a look now.
Preparing for Your Flat-Packed Beds and Furniture
Want extra tips on building your new flat-pack bed and furniture? Check out our FAQs to see all our advice on how to prepare for an easy build.
Bed Delivery Guide
Do you need information about your bed delivery? From charges to helpful advice, our bed delivery guide tells you everything you need to know.
Headboard Guide: Why Buy a Headboard?
If you need a new headboard, you're in the right place. From the benefits of headboards to the styles available, here's everything you need to know.
Mid and High Sleeper Bed Guide
Need a space-saving option for your children's bedroom? Look no further than mid and high-sleeper beds. Read our guide for everything you need to know.
How to Choose a Kids Mattress
From kids' mattress sizes to the safest options for all ages, if you're looking to buy a children's mattress our buying guide has all the information.
Mattress Topper Buying Guide
Looking to give your mattress a new lease of life? Look no further than a mattress topper. Here's everything you need to know about them.
TV Bed Buying Guide: How Does a TV Bed Work?
Combining technology and comfort, a TV bed is perfect for relaxing with your favourite shows. Learn more in our Happy Beds TV bed buying guide.
Mattress Delivery
Are you looking to buy a new mattress? From delivery options to common questions, our mattress delivery guide tells you everything you need to know.
Rattan Bed Buying Guide
Considering a rattan bed for your bedroom, but not sure what rattan is? Or how to clean a rattan frame? Find all the answers in our buying guide.
Memory Foam Mattress Guide
Memory foam mattresses offer a supportive sleep, but should you buy one? Our memory foam mattress guide answers the top questions; read now.
King Size Beds Guide
If you’re considering buying a king size bed, find out more about them and how to style them in your home with Happy Beds’ king size bed guide.
Single Beds Guide
Considering buying a single bed for your bedroom? Find answers to the most common questions in our single bed's buying guide; read now.
Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers 2023
Avoid aches and pains by choosing the right mattress if you sleep on your side. Learn more in Happy Beds’ guide to the best mattresses for side sleepers.
Best Mattresses for Front Sleepers
Sleeping on your front requires the right mattress to avoid aches and pains. Learn more in Happy Beds’ guide to the best mattresses for front sleepers.
Best Cooling Mattresses for Hot Sleepers
If you’re a hot sleeper or struggle to sleep during warm weather, look at Happy’ Beds guide to the best cooling mattress to stay cool at night.
Choosing the Best Mattress for Back Pain
How do you choose a mattress for a bad back? Happy Beds reveals the most important things to consider when finding the best mattress for back pain.
Should I Buy A Super King or Two Single Beds?
What bed sizes should you get: two singles or a super king? Is turning two single beds into a double bed a good idea? Find out in the Happy Beds guide.
Can I Sleep On A Sofa Bed Every Night?
If you have a small bedroom, you might be looking for a space-saving sofa bed - but is a sofa bed good for everyday sleeping? Find out now.
Which Bed is Best: A Divan Bed or a Bed Frame?
Explore the pros and cons of both divan beds and bed frames to make the right buying decision for your needs. Read our guide to find out more.
The Pros and Cons of Bunk Beds
Weigh up whether a bunk bed will be the right choice for your child with our list of pros and cons. Read now to get clued up on all things bunk beds!
Choosing The Right Mattress For Teenagers
Got a growing teenager? Unsure of what is a suitable mattress for teenagers? We've got you covered with our mattress guide for teens on Happy Beds!
Which Bed is Best: A Day Bed or a Sofa Bed?
A day bed or a sofa bed; which type is the best for your spare room? Happy Beds explains it all, including the pros and cons of each in their guide.
Day Bed Buying Guide
What is a day bed? Learn more about day beds and guest beds, and work out if they're the right furniture for your interior. Find out more at Happy Beds.
Pros and Cons of Storage Beds
Storage beds are the perfect option for creating extra storage in your bedroom. But are storage beds right for you? Find out the pros and cons now!
Pocket Spring Mattress Guide
We answer commonly asked questions about pocket sprung mattresses, such as how many springs does a good mattress have? Read our blog to find out more!
Which Bed is Best: An Upholstered Bed or a Wooden Bed?
Explore the pros and cons between upholstered beds and wooden beds so you can make the right choice for your bedroom. Read now to find your dream bed!
How to Find a Mattress For Hip Pain
Which mattress is best for hip pain? If you're suffering from hip pain, you may need a new mattress - check out the best choices in our Happy Beds guide.
Natural vs Organic Mattresses
Are organic beds a healthier choice for your family? What is an organic mattress made from? We're experts in sleep at Happy Beds - read on to discover now!
Is My Child Ready For A Toddler Bed?
When is the perfect time to transition your child from a cot to a toddler bed? Find out the signs your child is ready for a toddler bed with Happy Beds.
Best Mattresses For Heavy People
If you have a heavier frame you may require more support from your mattress. Here’s everything you need to know on purchasing a mattress for a heavy person
Best Mattresses For Older People
As you get older, choosing the right mattress to support you becomes even more important. Discover our mattress guide for the elderly.
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I think the whole thing went perfectly…
I think the whole thing went perfectly…
I think the whole thing went perfectly from start t finis
Very good
Very good
Brilliant material, easy assembly, very nice service
Excellent customer service!!
Excellent customer service!!
Kyi from Happy Beds was excellent in sorting a problem out. Amazing customer service!. Thank you!! Mr Edwards
Fantastic mattress
Fantastic mattress
Fantastic mattress, very comfortable
Really good customer service from…
Really good customer service from…
Really good customer service from Chantal. She was very professional and dealt with my query very efficiently and quickly.
Great thanks
Great thanks
First class service throughout from Happy Beds. Thank you very much. Mattress delivered earlier than expected. Delivery guys very friendly and professional. They found the marina very easy. I went to them after phone call, to say they had arrived. Helped me load mattress on a trolley, waved bye. Mattress looks great and fits perfect. Highly recommend Happy Beds.
Great company even better customer service
Great company even better customer service
Quick delivery, good quality items. Customer service is great, we were speaking to a lady called Aimee as one of the parts for the bed was faulty. Dealt with it quickly and replacement sent a couple days after the initial enquiry. Thank you
Great prices and even better customer…
Great prices and even better customer…
Great prices and even better customer service. really impressed with this company. bunk beds are great and the problem I had was resolved by Caroline and Sophie with no hassle. Would definitely buy from them again