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Day Bed Buying Guide

Day Bed Buying Guide

Despite their name, a ‘daybed’ isn’t merely the term used when describing what a normal bed becomes when you spend all day in it. However, it's a lovely thought!

No, far from being the space where you lounge around on a lazy weekend, a daybed is a specific type of bed that is, in some ways, a superior version of a sofa bed. You can learn more about the difference between them in our day beds vs sofa beds guide.

Read on to learn more about daybeds, their benefits, and how to style them in your home.

What is a daybed?

Similar to a sofa bed, a daybed serves as a seating area and a bed. Unlike a sofa bed that has to be pulled out to reveal the sleep space, the sleep space is always present with a daybed; it makes up the ‘seat’ section of the seating area by day.

Though daybeds appear akin to sofas, their designs incorporate head ends and foot ends, like beds, granting them a hybrid structure between a standard bed and a sofa.

The three biggest factors that make a daybed a perfect choice for the home are the trundle bed options, the longer length and the three sides synonymous with daybeds.

Many perks to daybeds and even more possible applications exist. They come in various forms, adhering to different styles, but they’re mostly used in lounges and guest bedrooms.

Divan beds

How big are daybeds?

At the time of writing, Happy Beds didn’t stock double-sized daybeds; traditionally, daybeds weren’t designed to be anything bigger than standard-sized mattresses.

Daybeds do require mattresses to complete them and adhere to conventional mattress sizes. This makes them, on average, bigger than sofa beds, though most are considered twin size. A standard UK single mattress is the closest equivalent to a twin mattress in the UK.

Can daybeds convert into double beds?

As aforementioned, unlike double sofa beds, daybeds cannot convert into double beds as their frames are usually static and built with a head end, foot end and back.

Are daybeds suitable for everyday use?

Nothing stops anyone from using a daybed as an everyday bed and bed frame. Daybeds use actual mattresses, so they are single beds that spend most of the time in the form of a sofa. Invest in a quality, supportive mattress to enjoy a comfortable sleep night after night.

Are daybeds used in offices?

Placing a daybed in a personal or home office would be one of a daybed's more practical and apt applications, thanks to its half-sofa, half-bed appearance and design.

Are there daybeds with storage capabilities?

One thing that sets daybeds apart from other beds is their trundle sections, found directly underneath the daybed itself. Most daybeds currently available at Happy Beds are designed with trundle sections, which can accommodate a separate mattress for another sleeper or be used as a storage space.

Day bed storage

Choosing the right daybed

There are many different styles of daybeds. Due to their smaller dimensions, daybeds are an excellent choice for small bedrooms or box rooms. However, you can maximise your space even further by opting for a daybed with built-in storage.

You have plenty of options, whether drawers beneath the bed to store blankets and bedding or handy shelves built into the back of the bed frame to house books and other knick-knacks.

The style of your daybed can also impact how spacious your room feels. A metal daybed frame allows light to pass through it, which creates the illusion that your room is bigger than it is. Likewise, choosing a white wooden daybed can make the space feel lighter, brighter, and larger.

Styling your daybed

The good thing about day beds is that they’re super-easy to style, and you can get creative to create the perfect look for your space.

If the daybed's primary purpose is sleeping, your first consideration before styling should be what type of sleeper you are. For example, do you like to snuggle down in lots of layers, or do you prefer to keep it simple?

We recommend dressing your daybed in good quality bedding (it can make all the difference when creating that plush, hotel-like feel!). Pair with throw cushions and blankets. Depending on your preference, you can use fewer cushions and blankets to create a more minimalist look.

Cushions and blankets are a great way to introduce colours and patterns to your room. If you’re using plain bedding, use patterns throughout your accessories and vice versa to avoid looking too busy.

It’s often a good idea to position your daybed underneath a window to enjoy natural light during the day as you read and relax on the bed. It will also mean you can enjoy the view from the window as you relax.

Embrace daybeds with your new knowledge

With any luck, there’ll be little confusion about what makes a daybed great now. Find your perfect daybed and start shopping our range now. Do you think a sofa bed may be better for your room? We’ve got you covered for them, too!

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Great company even better customer service
Great company even better customer service
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Great prices and even better customer…
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