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Understanding the Happy Beds Symbols

Understanding the Happy Beds Symbols


As you browse our Happy Beds Mattresses, you may come across some small symbols - these tell you important information about the product. In this article, you will find details behind every symbol and their benefits.

Symbol Key

Air-stream: Increased air flow throughout the mattress maintains a healthy temperature control for the highest comfort and prolonged mattress life.

Air-vents: Internal air vents provide a cool, dry sleeping space crafted for your comfort whilst allowing a healthy temperature control to prolong the life of your mattress in the long run.

Air-flow: Offers more air flow to keep a healthy temperature control which aids an extended mattress life whilst creating a pleasant sleeping environment for your comfort.

Aloe: Goes the extra mile for your skin with Aloe Vera infused mattresses, known for their antibacterial properties which contribute to skin healing and cell renewal.

Anti-bug: Featuring innovative fillings which fight off any bed bugs or unwanted insects for a cleaner sleeping space, allowing a healthier and more hygienic mattress life.

Amethyst: A truly luxurious mattress infused with genuine amethyst quartz for a unique sleeping solution with properties to help you relax and gain a better night's sleep.

Bonnell springs: Built for a durable and supportive sleeping solution, these springs work together to provide an even comfort to a long-lasting mattress.

Bamboo fibre: A cosy, hypoallergenic and eco-friendly feature, bamboo yarn works to absorb moisture as a natural deodorant for a cool, dry and clean mattress.

Cashmere: Luxurious cashmere filling and lining offers maximum comfort and insulation for an incredibly cosy night's sleep.

Cotton based: Natural cotton filling is a cost-effective and cosy option, offering a wonderfully soft sleeping space with absorbing properties to maintain a healthy mattress life.

Chitosan and eucalyptus infused: Perfect for adding a little more care to your skin, natural chitosan and eucalyptus ingredients are famous for their medicinal use for reducing the skin's loss of moisture.

Classic fillings: Boasting natural ingredients, our classic-fillings include reliable polyester to allow a strong and durable mattress life with comfort-enhancing properties for a good night's sleep.

Damask fabric: Luxurious in both comfort and appearance, damask fabric creates a beautiful exterior to a supportive mattress.

Double jersey: Crafted with durable synthetic fibres, double-jersey mattresses offer a soft, supportive and flexible material for extended comfort.

Fire retardant: In compliance with British Standards and Regulations, sleep with confidence that you are safe and protected.

Flip: Take advantage of a longer mattress life by flipping it every 6 weeks which helps to reduce allergens and improve sleeping comfort. Keeping the head and feet alignment the same, you are welcome to two sleeping surfaces of maximum support.

Flip and rotate: With a design to offer comfort from all angles, you can flip and rotate your mattress as you please every 6 weeks to reset and revitalise your support.

Hand tufted: Tufted is the essential process in mattress creation of fastening the two ends for a tighter, durable formation. Hand tufting ensures attention to detail and provides a higher quality finish.

Handles: Installing, moving and flipping your mattress is made easy with strongly hand-stitched handles attached to either side of the mattress.

Handmade UK: To ensure a high quality of product within safety guidelines, all of our mattresses are manufactured in the United Kingdom with no imported materials used.

Hypoallergenic: Adds a little extra care to your skin and health, with hypoallergenic materials working to protect sensitive skin from allergic reactions and healthy breathing from asthma irritation.

Kids mattress: Perfect for children in terms of size, support and materials used.

Lavender: Filled and lined with a lavender infused fabric, these mattresses promote a better sleep quality with relaxing properties. Lavender infusion is perfect for those who face problems with sleep and stress.

Luxury fillings: Boasting a combination of cashmere, wool and silk, our luxury fillings are found in high-end mattresses for an extravagant comfort and advanced support.

Mattress topper: Add extra protection to your mattress and further comfort to your sleeping surface, with a mattress topper which contours to your body to relieve pressure and prevent aches or pains.

Milk & protein infused: Add a little luxury for your skin, with a hygienic milk protein infused fabric working to keep your skin tender and smooth. These mattresses are moisture absorbent to keep a dry sleeping space, with heat resistant properties to maintain a healthy temperature for your comfort.

Memory wool: Memory wool is a special environmentally-friendly material known to relieve pressure to prevent aches and pains, providing the perfect comfort and support as you sleep.

Natural fillings: These mattresses offer a little natural luxury, with materials including wool, cashmere, cotton and silk. Perfect for adding a refreshing feel, these fillings are known for their luxurious touch and extended comfort.

Non turn: Save yourself some hassle with a non-turn mattress as there is no need for turning every few weeks. These mattresses have more support to one side of the mattress for consistent personal comfort.

Organic: Keep things all natural and organic, with no chemicals or additives in the fabric for a more sought-after and luxurious mattress quality.

Orthopaedic: Designed to relieve pressure on joints and the spine, orthopaedic mattresses are ideal for adding extra support to those who suffer from back and joint problems. These mattresses take care of your body as you sleep for perfect comfort.

One-sided: With one comfortable sleeping surface, you save the worry of flipping your mattress every 6 weeks and can simply rotate your mattress instead to revitalise the support. These mattresses are easier to look after yet still offer an extended lifespan through regular rotation.

Pillow top: Crafted from a luxurious natural wool and silk, these mattresses feature an extra layer stitched into the top of the mattress to provide extra support to your head. This mattress aids a healthy sleeping position and promises extended comfort.

Quilted: For a higher comfort, quilted mattresses boast extra layers of fabric placed on the surface and attached to the underlying filling to form an overall thicker padded material. These mattresses offer a noticeably smoother finish and a more luxurious support.

Removable cover: These mattresses boast a removable cover for further protection and durability, which can be removed or replaced for easy washing and improved hygiene.

Rotate: Rotate these mattresses every 6 weeks for longer support, an easier alternative to flip-and-rotate mattresses as these mattresses do not need to be lifted.

Semi-orthopaedic: Semi-orthopaedic mattresses offer extra support to your joints and back, to relieve pressure and pain to promise a comfortable night's sleep and healthier body.

Special fabric: A special fabric is used when the mattress was crafted for personal comfort and improved quality. For more info, please take a look at the mattress specifications.

Suitable for bunk bed: These supportive mattresses are a suitable depth (up to 15cm) for both bunk beds and trundles, fitting the safety requirements for bunk beds and providing for the limited under bed space for trundles.

Two-sided: Two-sided mattresses boast similar springs and filling placed on each side, allowing you to enjoy both sides of the mattress for a renewed and revitalised support. These mattresses are recommended to be turned regularly to update the comfort and prolong mattress life.

Vacuum packed: Vacuum-packed toppers are easily delivered, handled and installed through a design which allows for rolling into a compact packaging. These mattress toppers are easily removed from their packaging and expand fully independently within 72 hours maximum, eliminating any odours from the packaging in the process.

Velour fabric: Velour fabric is a plush, knitted fabric similar to velvet which has an incredibly soft touch and comfort-enhancing properties.

Wool tufts: All of our mattresses are hand-tufted to ensure attention to detail and a higher quality finish. Wool-tuft mattresses offer higher insulation which will keep the mattress warm In winter and cool in summer, with flame-resistant properties for a safe night's sleep.

Zonal support: Using cleverly designed pressure relieving advanced technology, this mattress offers unparalleled support for your entire body. It provides extra protection for the lower back to ensure a healthier body free of aches and pains, with flexible comfort by giving more support for the heavier body parts and a soft feel for the lighter parts.

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I think the whole thing went perfectly…
I think the whole thing went perfectly…
I think the whole thing went perfectly from start t finis
Very good
Very good
Brilliant material, easy assembly, very nice service
Excellent customer service!!
Excellent customer service!!
Kyi from Happy Beds was excellent in sorting a problem out. Amazing customer service!. Thank you!! Mr Edwards
Fantastic mattress
Fantastic mattress
Fantastic mattress, very comfortable
Really good customer service from…
Really good customer service from…
Really good customer service from Chantal. She was very professional and dealt with my query very efficiently and quickly.
Great thanks
Great thanks
First class service throughout from Happy Beds. Thank you very much. Mattress delivered earlier than expected. Delivery guys very friendly and professional. They found the marina very easy. I went to them after phone call, to say they had arrived. Helped me load mattress on a trolley, waved bye. Mattress looks great and fits perfect. Highly recommend Happy Beds.
Great company even better customer service
Great company even better customer service
Quick delivery, good quality items. Customer service is great, we were speaking to a lady called Aimee as one of the parts for the bed was faulty. Dealt with it quickly and replacement sent a couple days after the initial enquiry. Thank you
Great prices and even better customer…
Great prices and even better customer…
Great prices and even better customer service. really impressed with this company. bunk beds are great and the problem I had was resolved by Caroline and Sophie with no hassle. Would definitely buy from them again