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Milo White Wooden Mid Sleeper Kids Bed

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21 Reviews

Reasons to Buy

  • An entire bedroom function using the space of a single bed, perfect for children’s bedrooms
  • A high-quality wooden construct designed for maximum durability
  • Clean white finish remains flexible to all bedroom interiors
  • Wooden slat detailing adds a unique modern simplicity
  • Ladder and desk functions can be personalised to either side for a custom fit
  • Easily self-assembled with full instructions to helpfully support
  • Description

    If your children’s bedroom is on the smaller side, a sleep station incorporating storage and a desk is the solution both they and you will love. The neutral white wooden finish makes this bed the perfect choice for both boys and girls. The Milo White Wooden Mid Sleeper Kids Bed is customisable in design as the desk and the ladder can be placed on either side depending on the shape and size of your room. The under-bed storage shelves and drawers can both be moved to other locations in the bedroom if the space under the bed is required for a den.

    A Clean Finish

    A stunning white finish allows the Milo White Wooden Mid Sleeper Kids Bed to remain flexibly stylish to all bedroom interiors, making it the perfect addition to any child’s bedroom. With clean edges and wooden slat detailing, the Milo White Wooden Mid Sleeper Kids Bed showcases an excess of modern grace whilst integrated shelving options promote personal decorative touches.

    Resistant by Nature

    Crafted from highly durable wooden materials, the Milo White Wooden Mid Sleeper Kids Bed is highly resistant against damage, making it the perfect addition to your child’s bedroom. Features include safety rails to four sides which sit higher than the mattress for security measures and a solid slatted base to provide a breathable firm base for the mattress. Designed for highest convenience, the desk pulls out very smoothly on the wheels underneath and is on runners under the bed to keep it secure whilst in use. When floor space is needed the desk can be simply slid back under the bed frame.

    Storage to Spare

    The Milo White Wooden Mid Sleeper Kids Bed is certainly not short of storage features, with integrated shelving and drawers available for maximum organisation. A pull-out desk with wheel functionality further emphasises the convenient space-saving structure of the Milo White Wooden Mid Sleeper Kids Bed, combining a full bedroom solution using the space of a single bed. Every Milo White Wooden Mid Sleeper Kids Bed is delivered flat-packed and prepared for an easy self-assembly, with full instructions included to support.

    3ft Bed Frame:

    • A - Height: 120 cm
    • B - Length: 206 cm
    • E - Width with Desk Extended: 186 cm
    • C - Width Including Ladder: 109 cm
    • D - Width Excluding Ladder: 103 cm
    • F - Siderail Length: 195 cm

    • G - Slats to Headboard Height: 28 cm
    • H - Floor to Slats: 78 cm
    • I - Floor to First Step of Ladder: 25 cm
    • J - Distance Between Ladder Steps: 25 cm

    • Headboard Width: 7 cm
    • Footboard Width: 7 cm
    • Siderail Width: 3 cm

    • K - Side Drawer Height: 31.5 cm
    • L - Side Drawer Width: 70 cm
    • M - Side Drawer Depth: 35 cm

    • K - End Drawer Height: 31 cm
    • L - End Drawer Width: 70 cm
    • M - End Drawer Depth: 35 cm

    • N - Desk Height: 72 cm
    • O - Desk Width: 87 cm
    • P - Desk Depth: 71 cm

    • Weight: 121 kg

    Mattress Size: 90 x 190 cm

    Recommended Mattress Height: 15-16 cm

    All measurements are approximates.

    Assembly Manuals

    To make things that little bit easier, you can find comprehensive instructions for your chosen product within this section. In case you need any more help or assistance, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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