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European Single Bunk Beds

Make your child's dream come true with our European single bunk beds. Offering stunning styles and space-saving designs, these single bunk beds will not only look great but provide complete comfort to up to 2 sleepers, making this range of beds perfect for sleepovers!

Sleep comfortably in a European single bunk beds

Built with safety in mind, our range of European single bunk beds are compliant with the British Bunk Bed Safety Standards, to keep your children safe and comfortable. Also constructed from durable materials, our European single bunk beds can be enjoyed for many years.

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How big is a European single bunk bed?

Our European single bunk beds come in at 3ft by 6.6ft making them a little longer than standard single beds. This means they are perfect for growing children and teenagers. We offer a wide range of European single mattresses that will fit in any of our European single beds.

Do bunk beds come with storage?

Yes! At Happy Beds we have a selection of bunk beds that come with storage options. Some examples of the bunk bed storage we offer are:

  • Side drawers storage: Drawers that slide out from a bed frame. A great choice for keeping items safe and out of sight.
  • Bookcases/shelves storage: Open shelving areas that are integrated into a bed frame. An ideal choice for children who have plenty of books and smaller items to store.

Can bunk beds be separated?

At Happy Beds, we have a selection of seperable bunk beds available. These bunk beds are a great choice for siblings growing up, as it gives children the opportunity to move into separate rooms. Alternatively, if they decide they no longer want to sleep in a bunk bed, the bed can be turned into two single beds.

Are bunk beds safe?

Yes! All of our bunk beds are compliant with the UK Bunk Bed Safety Guidelines to ensure that they are completely safe to use. For more information, our bunk bed safety guide is full of important advice and tips you should know when buying a bunk bed.

What other bunk beds are available?

We have lots of different types of bunk beds to choose from. Examples of the types of bunk beds we have available include:

  • Triple sleeper bunk beds: Easily accommodating 3 people. Our triple sleepers feature 3 single bunks stacked above each other.
  • Quadruple sleeper bunk beds: Comfortably holds 4 people. Our quadruple sleeper bunk beds consist of 2 double beds, with one bunk placed above the other.