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Cots and Cotbeds

If you’re looking to create the perfect nursery room for your little bundle of joy then you’ve come to the right place. We have a wide range of comfortable cot mattresses and cot beds that will complete your nursery and provide your baby with a night of safe and sound sleep.

However, not only do our cots and cot beds offer a snug and secure sleeping space for your bairn, they look the part too. All our baby cots are designed to furnish your nursery in style. This is like music to your ears. If your baby sleeps well, you will too.

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Cot Beds: A Sleeping Solution That Grows With Your Baby

The beauty of a cot bed is that it can take your little one from newborn to toddler. Browse and shop our range today and find the perfect first bed for your baby.

What is a cot bed?

A cot bed is a piece of furniture designed for infants and young children that combines the functionality of a crib and a toddler bed, allowing for a seamless transition as the child grows. With its convertible design, a cot bed offers value for money and provides a comfortable and secure sleeping environment throughout the early years of a child's life.

Cot beds are suitable for children from birth until around four or five years old, making them a cost-effective choice. The main difference between a crib and a cot bed is their adaptability. While a crib is typically used for newborns and infants, a cot bed offers the advantage of versatility - it can easily be transformed from a cot with high sides to a toddler bed with low or removable sides. This allows the cot bed to grow with the child, providing a familiar and comfortable sleep space as they transition from infancy to early childhood.

It is also worth noting that a cot bed is not the same as a toddler bed. A toddler bed is a smaller bed designed specifically for toddlers transitioning from cots or cribs to regular beds. It typically has low sides or guardrails to prevent accidental falls.

What is a crib?

A crib, also known as a cot in the UK, is a specially designed bed for infants and young babies. It provides a safe and secure sleeping environment for children up to the age of around two years old. A crib typically features high, protective sides and slatted bars or panels to prevent the baby from falling out or getting stuck.

In the UK, the term "cot" is more commonly used, whereas "crib" is favoured in American English. However, both terms describe the same type of children’s bed.

What's the difference between a cot and cot bed?

The main difference between a cot and a cot bed is that a cot bed has removable sides and an end panel, with the option of converting it into a bed as your baby turns into a toddler. Cot beds are also slightly larger too with a size of 70 x 140 cm compared to a cot size of 60 x 120 cm.

If you're looking to transition your child from a cot to a bed, we also have a wide range of toddler beds available that could be a perfect choice.

Are cots safe?

Of course, our cots and cot beds are incredibly safe. All of our cots and cot beds go through rigorous EU safety testing to ensure they are safe for your child to use.

Some safety features of our cot and cot beds include having more wriggle room for your child to move freely, and having protective railings to protect your child as they sleep.

For more help deciding the right bed size for your child, we have a kids bed guide that will offer more information and advice to help you decide.

What age is suitable for a cot and cot bed?

Both our cots and cot beds can be used from birth to around three years of age. The main difference is that our cot beds can be used for a little longer, so around four years old, or whenever your child feels ready to move to a toddler bed.

Do cots and cot beds come with mattresses?

At Happy Beds, our cots and cot beds do not come with mattresses included. Both cots and cot beds need bespoke mattresses to fit. Cots take a mattress size of 60 x 120 cm, and cot beds take a mattress size of 70 x 140 cm.

We have a wide range of kids mattresses available, including both cot and toddler mattresses that are the size needed to fit these products.

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I think the whole thing went perfectly…
I think the whole thing went perfectly…
I think the whole thing went perfectly from start t finis
Very good
Very good
Brilliant material, easy assembly, very nice service
Excellent customer service!!
Excellent customer service!!
Kyi from Happy Beds was excellent in sorting a problem out. Amazing customer service!. Thank you!! Mr Edwards
Fantastic mattress
Fantastic mattress
Fantastic mattress, very comfortable
Really good customer service from…
Really good customer service from…
Really good customer service from Chantal. She was very professional and dealt with my query very efficiently and quickly.
Great thanks
Great thanks
First class service throughout from Happy Beds. Thank you very much. Mattress delivered earlier than expected. Delivery guys very friendly and professional. They found the marina very easy. I went to them after phone call, to say they had arrived. Helped me load mattress on a trolley, waved bye. Mattress looks great and fits perfect. Highly recommend Happy Beds.
Great company even better customer service
Great company even better customer service
Quick delivery, good quality items. Customer service is great, we were speaking to a lady called Aimee as one of the parts for the bed was faulty. Dealt with it quickly and replacement sent a couple days after the initial enquiry. Thank you
Great prices and even better customer…
Great prices and even better customer…
Great prices and even better customer service. really impressed with this company. bunk beds are great and the problem I had was resolved by Caroline and Sophie with no hassle. Would definitely buy from them again