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Gaming Beds

Serious gamers all want one thing: space. Finding an extra bit of space in the bedroom can mean the difference between a dream gaming set-up or an awkward one. Thankfully, our range of gaming beds has everything you need to create the ideal space to play, sleep and repeat.

Better yet, our beds for gamers don’t just offer space. At Happy Beds, our range always ensures you’ll sleep comfortably, meaning you’ll get enough shut-eye to show the noobs what’s what next time you play.

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    Galaxy Grey and Red Wooden Gaming High Sleeper Bed
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Pod Gaming Beds For Console and PC Gamers

We have specific beds for both console and PC set-ups, so whether you’re looking for the perfect place to nestle your inch-perfect battlestation or somewhere simple for your console, we have you covered.

Discover our full range of gaming beds to level-up your sleep below.

We have gaming beds suitable for all types of gamers and sleepers, namely:

  • Gaming Bunk Beds - perfect for PC gaming, these gaming bunk beds leave lots of space underneath to game. There’s plenty of room for multiple monitors, a cushy gaming chair, consoles and any other peripherals. Plus, this is one of the most space-efficient options available, meaning it’s perfect for smaller bedrooms.
  • High-Sleeper Gaming Beds - similar to bunk beds, high-sleeper gaming beds feature lots of room underneath the bed. If you want a comfy nook with plenty of room for a gaming desk, console and/or PC, then you can’t go wrong with this option.
  • Gaming Cabin Beds - gaming cabin beds are the smallest of our space-saving offerings, but that doesn’t mean they won’t work for you. For a neat, space-efficient option, try out one of our gaming cabin beds.
  • Gaming Beds With Desks - some gaming beds come with desks already built-in, while others leave room for you to customise your set-up. These are always high-quality and easy to assemble, but their size and dimensions will vary. Be sure to double-check the size of built-in desks complements your gaming set-up.

Gaming beds are particularly suitable for gaming-mad teenagers and children, with our beds available in the following sizes:

  • Single Gaming Beds - perfect for any child's bedroom, our single gaming beds offer plenty of comfort alongside space to game with ease.
  • European Single Gaming Beds - a European single gaming bed is slightly larger than a traditional single, making them great for growing teenagers.

While some of our beds contain built-in desks, they do not come with any other furniture or add-ons. However, we have a varied range of gaming furniture for you to choose from, including high-quality chairs, desks and other essential gamer gear.

Of course, top-tier gaming performance requires a good night’s sleep. You’ll need a mattress to pair with your new gaming bed, so be sure to check out our mattress range. If you’re unsure of what mattress size to get, then read our Mattress Guide.