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How Many Springs Are in a Good Mattress? & Other Pocket Sprung FAQs

How Many Springs Are in a Good Mattress? & Other Pocket Sprung FAQs

Shopping for a mattress can be an incredibly daunting process, with the endless technical terms, it can sometimes feel like you need a degree in mattress-buying to make the correct decision.

What are pocket sprung mattresses? How many springs are in a pocket sprung mattress? How do you know which spring-count to go for? Who are best suited to them? Don’t worry; these questions are commonly asked and this blog is here to put your mind at rest.

In this blog, you’ll be taken through a brief course of pocket sprung expertise and by the end of it, you’ll be equipped to get mattress shopping and gain that good night’s sleep you’ve been longing for some time.

How Do Pocket Sprung Mattresses Work?

Pocket sprung mattresses work by maintaining balance irrespective of weight. Each individually nested spring is placed in a fabric pocket and moves independently when you lie on the mattress. When two people are on the mattress, neither of them will be disturbed if the other one moves. Mattresses with pocket springs offer more comfort than those with open coil springs.

How Many Springs Are There in a Good Pocket Sprung Mattress?

When shopping for a pocket sprung mattress, there is one thing that retailers will shout at you: the spring count. If you don’t know the difference between spring counts and how many springs make up a good quality mattress, this information will fall on deaf ears and mean nothing to you. People tend to see numbers in a mattress name and feel confused, but it really is much simpler than you might think.

The bottom line is that the more springs, the better the mattress. However, when you are unaware of what an average spring count may be, it is difficult to analyse the quality of a mattress.

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A ‘good’ mattress will generally have above 1000 springs, with the acceptance that a higher spring count equals to better quality (and a higher price). There really is no compromising with your sleep, so we cannot recommend enough that you shop around to find the perfect mattress for you. Our mattresses range from 1000 pocket springs and beyond, varying in features and firmness to cater for all sleepers.

Although spring count is an important way to assess a mattress quality, you shouldn’t obsess over the number of springs alone. There are many factors of a mattress that you should consider to ensure it is suitable for you.

Why Buy Pocket Spring Mattresses?

With all this talk about springs, it’s completely understandable for all of this descriptive talk to go over your head. Mattresses don’t have to be complicated, once you know what you need to look for to suit your own sleeping requirements, getting a good night’s sleep has never been so easy. With plenty of pocket sprung, coil sprung and foam mattresses available on the market, it can be difficult to choose. Let me tell you a little bit about pocket sprung mattresses and what makes them so flexible to all sleepers…

Pocket sprung mattresses are considered a modern improvement on your average coil sprung mattress, offering an innovative design featuring thousands of individual springs cased in a fabric house which are stitched together to create lengths of connected springs. Each pocket spring moves individually and contours to everybody for personalised comfort, making it a favourite of many mattress-shoppers looking for the perfect place to unwind.

The individual spring design ensures there is plenty of air circulation throughout to both prolong mattress life and provide the perfect temperature control for your own comfort.

Is a Pocket Sprung Mattress For You?

Pocket sprung mattresses are so popular due to their immense flexibility to all sleeping requirements, with varying options designed to cater to a large market of people. Pocket sprung mattresses come in a range of firmness ratings, varying from soft to firm in order to provide the perfect sleeping space for all weights. The general rule when selecting firmness is the heavier the sleeper combination weight, the softer the mattress should be. Our firmness rating tool found on our mattress product pages allows you to input your weight to identify the perfect firmness for you – easy!

Due to their high quality, pocket sprung mattresses are usually deeper than most, with the ability to flip and rotate the mattress for an even longer lifespan. Pocket sprung mattresses are considered a worthy investment, granting many people around the world with perfect comfort. With additional features such as orthopaedic and natural fillings, our range of Pocket Sprung Mattresses cater for all and make this form of sleeping solution perfect for all requirements.

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Why Pocket Springs Are Great for Lovebirds

If you are a loved-up couple or you share your bed with another sleeper, pocket sprung mattresses are for you! With individually nested pocket springs, the mattress is designed to isolate movement across the sleeping space to ensure you are never disturbed from your slumber, regardless of how much your partner is wriggling around. For this reason, pocket sprung mattresses are a favourite for couples and make sharing a bed much more comfortable and limit disturbances – that just leaves the snoring to deal with!

I hope I’ve cleared up some of the common concerns about pocket sprung mattresses and allowed you to fall in love with them as much as we have. Here at Happy Beds, we believe that everyone deserves a good night’s sleep and pocket sprung mattresses are a great way to do so. If you have any more questions or want to share your favourite pocket sprung mattresses with us, then get in touch – we would love to hear from you! You can reach us via Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Happy sleeping!

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