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Are Sofa Beds Comfortable for Every Night Sleep?

Are Sofa Beds Comfortable for Every Night Sleep?

The good ol’ traditional bed is always best if you want a quality night’s sleep, but with increasing financial and spatial restrictions on many of our lives, there is more demand than ever for multifunctional furniture.

So, could you use a sofa bed for permanent sleeping? Well, you certainly can, but there are a number of things you may wish to consider before purchasing a bed settee for this kind of purpose.


Which Sofa Bed is Best for Everyday Use?

Well, if you’re going to be sitting and/or sleeping on your sofa bed all the time, the best sofa beds to look for will be strong, well-made and durable. With this in mind, one of the best permanent sleeper sofa beds we stock is the Otto.

Created from highly durable materials and finished to a high standard, this practical sofa bed is made to last. Designed with comfort and reliable support for all sleepers in mind, you’re sure to snooze well on this block-based sofa bed.

I love it because of its stylish grey design and multifunctionality – as a sofa, you’d never know it was also a bed! – and it’s great if you want to watch a movie and put your feet up.

If you’d prefer to sleep on a more traditional mattress base, then consider a sofa bed which comes with a mattress. This will ensure your comfort and that you’re getting proper back support.

A great option is the Vivo. Sold with an accompanying mattress, this contemporary fold out sofa bed is quick and easy to convert and is available in brown faux leather or in mink chenille fabric.

Last, but not least, think where you will keep the bedding when this furniture piece will be used as a sofa. After all, a duvet can take up quite a bit of space. If you don’t have a trunk coffee table or empty cupboard nearby, a day bed with storage may be a better choice than the above.

Day beds look more like a bed, with a rigid back and a mattress seat that is permanently on show, whether you’re sitting or sleeping on it. The beauty of these sofa bed alternatives is the fact you have a greater choice of mattresses and they often come with built-in storage.

Take our Sleep White day bed frame, for example. It has built-in storage in its back, as well as some handy drawers underneath where you can store bedding, pillows, and other sleep-time essentials. It’s extremely functional!

How to Make Sofa Beds More Comfortable?

If you’re researching which sofa bed is best and have comfort at the top of your priority list, have you considered a topper? Just like with regular beds, mattress toppers can provide sofa beds with an additional layer of cushion. This will make the base even more comfortable and protect the bed underneath too!

Memory foam mattress toppers are ideal as they can easily be rolled up and stored when not in use.

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Which Will You Choose?

So, as you see, when it comes to deciding which is the best sofa bed for everyday use, there isn’t a clear-cut answer; it very much depends on your wants and requirements.

We hope this piece has helped you to make a more informed decision. Let us know which bed settee you choose over on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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