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Fusion Super Memory and Reflex Foam Orthopaedic Mattress

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6 (Read Reviews)
RRP From £329.99 Save £150 Now From £179.99
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What Makes It Great
Depth of the mattress can affect the comfort and suitability for use in certain bed frames or bunk beds.
All our mattresses, toppers and divan beds are manufactured in the United Kingdom to ensure product quality and safety. We do not import materials and products from other regions.
Memory foam offers optimum support for your spine and joints. It moulds in the shape of your body for maximum support and comfort when you sleep. This material is sensitive to your temperature and weight and aids your blood circulation. It was initially designed by NASA.
Rotate (turn 180°) your mattress once a week for the first 6 weeks and then every 6 weeks after so the head end becomes the foot end and vise versa. The rotatable mattress has one sleeping surface. Most of the time, it has memory foam or a pillow top on its sleeping surface. It’s easy to look after this mattress as there is no need to flip it over.
The reflex foam provides extra support. It is sanitised and guarantees complete hygiene. It stores less body heat than the memory foam.
The mattress features a removable cover that is easy to wash or replace. A removable cover is good for the mattress to protect it from stains and dirt.
The mattress is crafted in a way that allows its rolling. The air is removed from the package before it is sealed. All this aids in easy handling and delivery of the mattress. When opening a vacuum packed mattress, please allow 4 hours for its initial expansion. The mattress is okay to use after this period however it will continue to expand (to a lesser degree) over the following 72 hours. Any odours from the packaging will be eliminated in the process.

Reasons to Buy

  • An incredible combination of 140mm thick reflex foam base and a luxurious 50mm of memory foam
  • Able to fit into a wide variety of bedframes at a depth of 20cm
  • Charmingly clad with a quilted star pattern padding on the highly convenient removable cover
  • To maintain its fine quality, the mattress only needs to be rotated every six weeks
  • Made to National Bed Federation standards, ensuring peerless British quality


One of the finest mattresses available in the Fusion range, the Fusion Super Plus is a culmination of excellent support and exemplary comfort. The combination of reflex and memory foams creates a mattress that not only provides a cosy night's sleep but a relaxing a secure bed in which to rest.

Be both comfortable and content

The Fusion Super Plus is a spring free mattress that doesn't compromise on structure. Made entirely of both reflex and memory foam, the Fusion Super Plus consists of 140mm of reflex foam and 50mm of memory foam, which provides sleepers with a mattress that's firm, supportive and incredibly comfortable, thanks to its ability to contour to their body heat.

Even more class and quality

Though the quantity of the various types of foam do make the Fusion Super Plus an excellent mattress it doesn't stop there in regards to offering comfort. Complete with an additional removable cover, the Fusion Super Plus features a quilted star pattern cover that makes cleaning the mattress a simple task.

All in good hands

Crafted to the extremely high British standards set by the National Bed Federation, the Fusion Super Plus is constructed with a meticulous eye to detail, a dedication to quality and a guarantee that it'll provide a fantastic night's sleep.

2ft6 Small Single:

  • Width: 75 cm (2'6")
  • Length: 190 cm (6'3")
  • Weight: 13 kg

3ft Single:

  • Width: 90 cm (3')
  • Length: 190 cm (6'3")
  • Weight: 15 kg

European Single:

  • Width: 90 cm (3')
  • Length: 200 cm (6'6")
  • Weight: 16 kg

  • 4ft Small Double:

    • Width: 120 cm (4')
    • Length: 190 cm (6'3")
    • Weight: 17 kg

    4ft6 Double:

    • Width: 135 cm (4'6")
    • Length: 190 cm (6'3")
    • Weight: 20 kg

    European Double:

    • Width: 140 cm (4'6")
    • Length: 200 cm (6'6")
    • Weight: 23 kg

    5ft King Size:

    • Width: 150 cm (5')
    • Length: 200 cm (6'6")
    • Weight: 23 kg

    European King Size:

    • Width: 160 cm (5')
    • Length: 200 cm (6'6")
    • Weight: 27 kg

    6ft Super King Size:

    • Width: 180 cm (6')
    • Length: 200 cm (6'6")
    • Weight: 26 kg

    Mattress Depth (Thickness): 20 cm (7.8 inches)

    Note: Sizes and Weights are approximates and may vary slightly.

4.8 / 5
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