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Best Mattresses for Front Sleepers

Best Mattresses for Front Sleepers

Is sleeping on your front the only way you can fall asleep? Around 16% of people sleep on their stomachs, making this the second most common sleeping position. Investing in the right mattress that supports those who sleep on their front is essential; we're here to help, so read on!

Benefits of sleeping on your front

If you like to sleep on your stomach, you'll probably consider it one of the comfiest positions before drifting off. Unfortunately, there aren't too many physical benefits to sleeping on your front, but if you snore at night, you'll be relieved that sleeping on your front can help this...

Reduced snoring

Sleeping on your front, or 'prone', removes obstructions from your airway and helps them stay open, allowing you to breathe easier. This helps to prevent, or at least reduce, snoring! A study found that sleeping in a prone position could also reduce the symptoms of acute respiratory distress syndrome.

If you search online, you'll notice that medical specialists don't usually recommend sleeping on your front. However, if you're determined to sleep on your front, you need to have the right mattress or pillow.

Which mattress type is best for front sleepers?

The best mattress types for front sleepers offer plenty of support. As such, we'd recommend you buy a mattress that is one of these types:

Pocket spring mattresses

A pocket spring mattress features springs housed in individual 'pockets'. These mattresses are ideal for front sleepers as they provide support where your body needs it most.

Memory foam mattresses

Memory foam mattresses use your body heat to mould to the contours of your body. They offer high levels of support and are great for front sleepers to keep your spine aligned.

Hybrid mattresses

A hybrid mattress is a good choice if you sleep on your front, as they are a 'hybrid' of springs and foam or gel. This gives you the support of a spring system with extra comfort layers.

If you need to know which mattress type is best for you, then make sure to check out our mattress buying guide for more in-depth information!

The best mattress firmness for front sleepers

Front sleepers need more support for their body throughout the night to help keep their spine aligned - particularly their torso area. We'd recommend the following mattress firmness levels if you're looking for a supportive mattress:

Soft firmness

Medium mattresses for front sleepers

A medium mattress is suitable for most people and sleeping positions, with a medium level of support and comfort.

Firm mattresses for front sleepers

Firm mattresses for front sleepers

Front sleepers need to make sure they have good spinal alignment, and a firm mattress offers extra support.

Regarding the types of mattresses you should avoid, we recommend avoiding soft mattresses. Keeping your spine aligned is essential, and the risk of your back arching when sleeping on your front is increased with a soft mattress as you will 'sink' into it. Personal preference is also worth considering, as some people may find firm mattresses are too 'hard'; a solution to this could be a medium-firm mattress which gives you the best of both worlds.

At a glance: Essential mattress features for front sleepers

Some features that are important when considering the best mattresses for front sleepers include:

Edge support

Edge support

Edge support allows the edges to hold more weight and reduces the risk of rolling into the middle, which is ideal for front sleepers.

Pressure relief

Mattresses that relieve pressure on your body, especially your torso, are great for front sleepers to reduce the risk of pain.

Motion isolation

Motion isolation

Reducing the risk of movement during the night is vital for front sleepers to keep their neck and spine aligned.

The best mattresses for front sleepers: Our pick

Best budget mattress

Best budget mattress:

Majestic 1000 Pocket Sprung Orthopaedic Mattress


  • Medium-firm rating
  • Includes individually nested pocket springs
  • Damask fabric offers extra comfort


  • It may not be firm enough for heavier people
  • Doesn't include any layers of foam
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Best branded mattress

Best branded mattress:

SleepSoul Space 2000 Pocket Spring Pillowtop Mattress


  • Includes a layer of memory foam
  • 1200 mini pocket springs add support
  • 800 pocket springs conform to your body


  • It may not be affordable for some
  • It might not be firm enough for heavier people
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Best kids mattress

Best kids mattress:

Quest Q1 Endless Comfort Spring Mattress


  • Made with hypoallergenic materials
  • Includes plenty of comfort layers
  • Delivered vacuum packed for convenience


  • It might be too firm for kids
  • Open coil springs may not offer custom support
Shop the Quest Q1 Mattress now
Best hypo-allergenic mattress

Best hypo-allergenic mattress:

Ocean Gel Memory and Reflex Foam Cool Orthopaedic LayGel Mattress


  • Supportive memory foam for comfort
  • Ideal for asthma or allergy sufferers
  • Offers cooling properties thanks to LayGel infusion


  • It may not be supportive enough for heavier people
  • Doesn't include any springs to support a front sleeper
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Is sleeping on your stomach bad for you?

As comfy as sleeping on your stomach might be, there are some drawbacks to this sleep position. You might experience some aches and pains, as front sleeping can cause poor spinal alignment. This is because your torso is heavy, so when you sleep on your front, with your head on a pillow, it will be pushed into the mattress, and your back is more likely to arch.

Another potential risk is that you might suffer from back or neck pain due to the need to move your head to the side to allow you to breathe. Twisting your neck in this way also moves it out of alignment, and if you're in these positions for many hours, it can cause pain in the morning. For anyone suffering from back pain, we'd recommend checking out our article on choosing the best mattress for a bad back.

How to sleep on your front

If you’d rather not sleep on your side or back, we have some great tips to help you sleep better on your front. These will not only make it more comfortable but can also help to reduce the risk of aches and pains.

Front spinal alignment

1. Buy a firmer mattress

The leading cause for poor spinal alignment when sleeping on your front is your back arching due to the weight of your torso. A soft mattress will only cause further issues, so investing in a firm or medium-firm mattress is key for lighter people, as they provide plenty of support to help improve your alignment.

2. Use the right pillows

Front sleeping requires you to move your neck to the side to breathe, and if you have thick pillows, your neck will be forced at an unnatural angle. Use a thinner pillow to help reduce strains, or even opt for no pillow if your mattress is comfortable enough! You could also place a pillow underneath your pelvis to prevent your body from sinking into the mattress.

3. Stretch in the mornings

We'd recommend this for any position you sleep in, but it could be extra beneficial for front sleepers to incorporate stretching into their morning routine. This will help realign your spine, stretch out your muscles, and even help energise you for the day ahead!

The best pillows for front sleepers

Choosing the right pillow is as important as investing in the right mattress for anyone who sleeps on their front. Stomach sleepers need a pillow that offers support but doesn't force their neck into an uncomfortable position, as they need to twist their head to breathe. As such, we recommend choosing a soft or a soft-medium pillow. This will prevent your head from being pushed too far up, reducing the risk of neck aches and pains.

We recommend that front sleepers only use one pillow, as the more pillows you use, the higher your neck will be forced up! Also, consider whether you have any allergies - a hypoallergenic pillow will make breathing easier for those who do.

Find your perfect mattress now

Enjoy a comfortable night of sleep with the range of mattresses available here at Happy Beds - we have various mattress types, from memory foam to hybrid mattresses and everything in between! With so many options - all at great prices - we're guaranteed to have a mattress for every front sleeper!

Are you someone who doesn't sleep on their front but instead likes to sleep on their side? Don't worry; we've also got you covered with our best mattresses for side sleepers guide!

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Great company even better customer service
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