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How To Care For Real and Faux Leather Beds and Furniture


All of the leather beds and furniture here at Happy Beds are made with cruelty-free faux leather. It is a stylish, durable and low-priced alternative to real leather that is used to upholster many of our beds and sofas, as well as other furniture pieces. To keep it looking and feeling its best, our faux leather should be cared for according to the below care guide.

Things You Will Need

Before we get into the Leather Care Guide, here is a quick list of items and products which will be useful to own when it comes to taking care of your Leather Beds or Leather Sofas.

Vacuum your leather furniture regularly to maintain cleanliness.
Delicate cloths made from soft materials to carefully treat liquid spills.
Luke-warm water to dampen a cloth for tricky spills or stains.
Washing-up liquid to add in small amounts to a damp cloth for light cleaning.
Leather polish can be used to buff the leather furniture for added shine.

Faux vs Real Leather

There can be a lot of confusion between faux leather and real leather when shopping for beds and furniture. Here, we will put the myths to bed and identify the key differences between the two to help you make your decision - faux or real?

Faux Leather:

  • Made from cruelty-free plastic base.

  • Much cheaper in price in comparison to real leather.

  • Usually dyed/treated with wax to achieve an appealing aesthetic.

  • Available in more colours and patterns due to manufacturing.

  • More resistant to cracking and UV fading.

Real Leather

  • Made from animals including cattle, which causes controversy.

  • More expensive in comparison to faux leather alternatives.

  • Usually more durable than faux leather, and lasts longer.

  • Comes in limited colours and styles due to authenticity.

  • Perceived to be more luxurious and high-end.

The Dos and Don'ts of Leather Care

There are a few more rules of care when it comes to leather beds and furniture, due to the nature of the material. Here are the key do's and don'ts to follow when cleaning leather furniture:

  • Do only use damp, rung-out cloths when cleaning leather.
  • Do use a vacuum weekly to clean leather beds and furniture.
  • Do research into the authenticity of the leather f=prior to cleaning.

  • Do not saturate or soak leather material as this will cause it to shrink.
  • Do not use harmful cleaning products when cleaning leather.
  • Do not ignore the care guidelines or labels on the leather bed or furniture.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you distinguish between real and faux leather?


The most common way of determining whether a product is made with real or faux leather is comparing prices. When in person, be sure to touch the fabric as real leather will wrinkle to the touch while faux leather will simply depress. Smell is another giveaway, as leather has a relatively recognisable smell of animal skin, whereas faux leather simply smells of plastic. If all else fails though a few drops of water will confirm the difference, as real leather will absorb moisture while it’ll simply puddle on top of or slide off faux leather. If you can’t shop in store or in person then you’ll need to research your product well.

How do I clean my faux leather bed / furniture?


The best method to keep your faux leather looking its best is with frequent (once a week) cleaning via vacuuming. Anything that requires more attention, such as spills or stains, can be handled by using lukewarm water with a little bit of washing up liquid and a non-abrasive cloth. As long as the cloth has been wrung out so that it’s not too wet, you can use it to remove virtually any spills or stain. Remember not to rub the cloth though, as anything other than repeated circular motions will likely crack the faux leather. Remember, if you’re unsure as to how your cleaning method will affect the faux leather, first test it out on an area that isn’t often seen, such as the bottom of a sofa or the back of a headboard.

Do Happy Beds sell real or faux leather beds and furniture?


Here at Happy Beds, we take pride in the fact that all of our leather beds and furniture are made from high-quality, cruelty-free faux leather. With faux leather, we are able to create various styles of leather beds and furniture without the price tag of real leather.