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Alicia White and Oak Wooden Bedroom Furniture Collection

The Alicia Bedroom Furniture Collection from Happy Beds is the epitome of retro inspired design. Taking its inspiration from 1960’s Scandinavia and the clean and minimalist way of living, the Alicia range is certainly one furniture collection you should consider.

The brilliant white finish will bring a light and bright feel to even the darkest of bedrooms. The oak features and details contrast superbly against the white and add a touch of class to the overall design. The short feet lift each of the units away from the floor giving a suspended look, but let that not put you off; the angles of the feet give each of the pieces of furniture a solid base. Larger items in the collection feature an additional support foot to the centre.

The Alicia collection features all the units you could want in your bedroom. A 2 door wardrobe with 2 spacious drawers for your larger items and clothes. There are three different sized chests of drawers which give you the ultimate flexibility depending on your room constraints, especially the wide drawers as these can double as a TV stand or shelf. Lastly and possibly the most valuable piece of bedroom furniture is the Alicia 2 Drawer Bedside Table. Whether it is for lamps, alarm clocks, a glass of water or your mobile phone, a bed side table is a necessity we just can’t live without.

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Alicia White and Oak 2 Door Wooden Combination Wardrobe

Introducing the wonderfully slim and streamlined Alicia 2 door wardrobe. This piece of bedroom furniture represents modern style within a retro-inspired design. These elements combine to create an immaculate set of wardrobes, suitable for all rooms in your house. The brilliant white finish will ensure these wardrobes fit seamlessly within any décor, enabling you to mix and match your internal style preferences as you please.

Alicia is made from MDF material, which is flat packed for ease of delivery and self-assembly. The addition of two drawers underneath the wardrobe space provides ample options for storage and places to keep your clothes. Hang your most treasured and large items up top and keep your socks in the drawers below – perfect! This item, along with all of the pieces of furniture in the Alicia range, comes with a 12-month product guarantee. That’s how confident we are that you will simply love this wardrobe!

Subtle Yet Striking Features

The plain and unassuming white lacquered finish is complimented brilliantly by the addition of some simple yet extremely striking features. The addition of recessed handles contributes towards this brilliantly. This sleek little Scandinavian touch adds an element of beauty and allows for easy opening of your wardrobe doors.

Tapered oak wooden legs complete the design, protruding from the bottom of the wardrobe at an ever so slight angle. This juxtaposes the otherwise straight-edge design magnificently and adds another element of personality to the plain and simple blueprint. This really will make a wonderful addition to any room within the house, not just the bedroom! Try it out for yourself and see what you think!
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Alicia White and Oak 2 Drawer Wooden Bedside Table

A bedside table is one of those pieces of furniture that you do not fully appreciate until there comes a time where you do not have one. Bed time can become a bit of a calamity then! Where do you put your alarm clock? Your phone? Your glass of water? You can’t put the glass on the floor, because what if you kick the thing over in the middle of the night? Yes, the bedside table is an underestimated piece of furniture and we feel it is time that we gave this feature the credit it deserves!

With this in mind – let us introduce you to the Alicia 2 drawer bedside table. A wonderfully crisp and retro-inspired design provides this bedside table with everything it deserves. It simply screams luxury and appeal! Taking major influence from 60s-style furniture design, mixed in with a little Scandinavian character, the table is simple yet wonderfully striking.

Complementary Tapered Oak Wooden Legs

This is all rounded off brilliantly by the inclusion of four, bold wooden legs made from strong, beautiful oak wood material and angled slightly to one side; providing a break in the otherwise straight and narrow appearance. The matt white lacquered finish is then interrupted by light brown recessed -handles for easy opening and added panache.

The best part? This is not just a bedside table – it also contains two fully functioning drawers! So you can keep everything you could possibly need right beside your bed – from your alarm clock and glass of water to your wallet, watch and loose change!
RRP £160.00
Now £89.99
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5 YearsGuarantee

Alicia White and Oak 3 Drawer Wooden Chest

Are you on the lookout for a new chest of drawers? Hoping to find something that offers plenty of storage space inside each drawer, but without taking up too much internal space in your home? Take a look at the Alicia 3 drawer chest in all of its white lacquered glory! You can stop the search right here because you have just found a piece of furniture that resembles style, functionality, ample storage and unassuming quality combined into one product.

The inclusion of three drawers makes this Alicia model big enough to create space elsewhere in the home, without taking up too much space in return. The drawers are easily accessible without the requirement for protruding handles. Instead, light-brown recessed handles provide elegant and almost hidden access to your drawer space. All of these features combine to offer a piece of furniture with stylish Scandinavian and 60s-style furniture influences.

Tapered Wooden Legs

The Alicia 3 drawer chest also comes complete with four tapered oak wooden legs. This legs stick out from the bottom on slight angles, offering an alternative aesthetic when compared to the otherwise straight-edge design. This light shade of oak matches the recessed handles perfectly and provides a nice counter-balance from the brilliant white painted finish.

The Alicia drawer chest comes with a 5 year guarantee for complete peace of mind. That is how confident we are that you are going to simply love this product, which we guarantee will stand the test of time.
RRP £335.00
Now £184.99
45% OFF
5 YearsGuarantee

Alicia White and Oak 5 Drawer Wooden Chest

The Alicia 5 drawer chest is the perfect choice if you are looking for a set of drawers with ample storage space and plenty of visual appeal. What’s more, the fact that this piece of furniture is high rather than wide means it will not take up too much of your internal floor space. Rounded off with a gorgeous white lacquered finish, this is one of the most stylish pieces of furniture you’re likely to see today! The Alicia 5 chest represents style, functionality and premium quality design all in one.

With five drawers to utilise, you can free up some serious space in other areas within your home. This is a blessing in disguise for most people, especially those living in smaller properties with little available space. This storage space is then lifted from the floor by the addition of four tapered oak wooden legs that are set at slight angles. This provides a delicate nod to 60s-style furniture, with a Scandinavian twist!

Simple and Straight Edge Design

The tapered legs also provide juxtaposition from the otherwise simple and straight edge design. The set of drawers are unassuming, unobtrusive and relatively straight forward. In essence, it is just a box shape of drawers. It is the feet that provide the edge, the sparkle and the reason for your eyes to remain fixed on this gorgeous piece of furniture. Couple this with the addition of recessed handles and the ultra-chic style is complete!

On arrival, the Alicia 5 drawer chest will be flat-packed, with full instructions provided for quick and easy assembly.
RRP £415.00
Now £229.99
44% OFF
5 YearsGuarantee

Alicia White and Oak 6 Drawer Wide Wooden Chest

Check out this incredibly stylish and retro-inspired 6-piece chest of drawers in an immaculate matt white lacquered finish. If storage space is an issue within your home then this is definitely the choice of furniture for you! With six incredibly spacious drawers to go at, the Alicia 6 drawer wide chest allows you to really free up some room elsewhere in your home. From socks and underwear to trainers and shoes, this little beauty can hide whatever you need from plain view, whilst organising your items in a neat and tidy fashion.

Two long recesses make up the handles across the face of this design, offering minimal disruption to the clean and straight-edged aesthetic. The simplicity of this piece of furniture means it will fit seamlessly within any room in your home and match its interior décor perfectly. With Scandinavian influences, you can rest assured you are purchasing a quality piece of furniture!

Solid Build and Attractive Features

The entire bodywork of this design is made from strong and sturdy MDF material, ensuring this product will stand the test of time. The material contributes towards the straight edge and minimal fuss structure.

So where does the character come in? This is introduced brilliantly by the inclusion of the bold five oak wooden legs, four of which protrude from the bottom at slight angles.This completely contradicts the otherwise straight and streamline appearance, adding a sense of chic influence and 60s nostalgia. The middle leg stands straight as a method of extra support, ensuring the wide base board does not sag or bow over time. For this reason, you may also use this piece of furniture as a bedside dressing table. So you have somewhere to place all of your toiletries, pampering items and jewellery too!
RRP £440.00
Now £244.99

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