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SleepSoul Cloud 800 Pocket Spring Mattress

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RRP From £449.99 Now From £329.99
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What Makes It Great
Depth of the mattress can affect the comfort and suitability for use in certain bed frames or bunk beds.
Conveniently located on the sides of the mattress for easy turning and handling. These handles are flag stitched for strong attachment.
All our mattresses, toppers and divan beds are manufactured in the United Kingdom to ensure product quality and safety. We do not import materials and products from other regions.
Rotate (turn 180°) your mattress once a week for the first 6 weeks and then every 6 weeks after so the head end becomes the foot end and vise versa. The rotatable mattress has one sleeping surface. Most of the time, it has memory foam or a pillow top on its sleeping surface. It’s easy to look after this mattress as there is no need to flip it over.
This provides an extra layer that is stitchedq on top of the mattress. This layer is made from wool and silk for added comfort.
Each individually nested spring is placed in a fabric pocket and moves independently when you lie on the mattress. When two people are on the mattress, neither of them will be disturbed if the other one moves. Mattresses with pocket springs offer more comfort than those with open coil springs.
The mattress is crafted in a way that allows its rolling. The air is removed from the package before it is sealed. All this aids in easy handling and delivery of the mattress. When opening a vacuum packed mattress, please allow 4 hours for its initial expansion. The mattress is okay to use after this period however it will continue to expand (to a lesser degree) over the following 72 hours. Any odours from the packaging will be eliminated in the process.

Reasons to Buy

  • Topped with a soft and cosy quilted finish
  • Filled with soft and sturdy foam, serving as an excellent foundation for the rest of the mattress features
  • Crafted with a thick layer of firmness increasing and body contouring memory foam
  • A rich pocket spring count grants the mattress an exceptional level of support
  • Adorned with non-slip fabric
  • Available in an array of different sizes
  • Ready to sleep on after just two hours of unpacking, fully formed after 24 hours
  • Only requires rotating every six weeks to maintain high quality

SleepSoul Cloud 800 Pocket Spring Mattress

A modest choice for essentially any sleeper, especially those looking for a more accommodating night's sleep, the Sleep Soul Cloud Quilted Memory Foam Pocket Sprung Mattress is crafted with exceptional materials and adhering to an exemplary design. The Sleep Soul Cloud Quilted Memory Foam Pocket Sprung Mattress is a comfortable mattress, whether sleepers are seeking a delightfully cosy quilted mattress or a wonderful memory foam mattress.

The Sleep Soul Cloud Quilted Memory Foam Pocket Sprung Mattress consists heavily of various types of foams. The majority of the Sleep Soul Cloud Quilted Memory Foam Pocket Sprung Mattress's fillings consist of a soft foam, the likes of which is sandwiched between the wealth of pocket springs and the innovative memory foam. This latter foam contours to sleepers' bodies as they sleep, granting an almost custom level of comfort.

What's in the mattress?

Cross section
  1. 1Luxurious quilted top with an extra layer of memory foam that responds to your temperature
  2. 2Provides deep comfort through consistent weigh distribution
  3. 3Acts as a transition layer for the perfect sink and minimised movement
  4. 4800 pocket spring will conform to your body's shape, supporting you where you need it the most and prevents the roll together effect
  5. 5The cover is breathable, resilient and will keep everything together
  6. 6Anti-slip base for additional stability

Happy Beds SleepSoul Cloud 800 Pocket Spring Mattress Sketch Dimensions

3ft Single:

  • A - Width: 90 cm (3')
  • C - Length: 190 cm (6'3")
  • Weight: 20 kg

4ft Small Double:

  • A - Width: 120 cm (4')
  • C - Length: 190 cm (6'3")
  • Weight: 23 kg

4ft6 Double:

  • A - Width: 135 cm (4'6")
  • C - Length: 190 cm (6'3")
  • Weight: 24.5 kg

5ft King:

  • A - Width: 150 cm (5')
  • C - Length: 200 cm (6'6")
  • Weight: 36.5 kg

6ft Super King:

  • A - Width: 180 cm (6')
  • C - Length: 200 cm (6'6")
  • Weight: 40 kg

B - Mattress Depth (Thickness): 31 cm (12.2 inches)

Note: Sizes and Weights are approximates and may vary slightly.

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