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What stopped us sleeping

From drama in the Champions League to best-selling grime tracks, a huge variety of things kept us up last year:

Restless themes

According to Twitter, tweets about sleeplessness related to the following themes.


Whether it was magical dragons and the Iron Throne, or footy, politics and the joys of parenting, Twitter users employed an array of hashtags to describe what was keeping them up at night.

This research was generated by mining Twitter data to find all tweets concerning sleeplessness (such as tweets which contained “can’t sleep”, “cannot sleep”, “insomnia” and relevant synonyms in their text). In ‘Why People Can’t Sleep’, we analysed 34,541 tweets from the UK, over a 12-month period, and ‘Who Can’t Sleep’ analysed 793,861 over the same period. For more information, email [email protected], for our full methodology.