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European Single Day Beds

Be the best host there is with our range of European single day beds! These versatile guest beds can be used as a place to relax during the day, and to rest your head at night. Longer than average single-sized beds, our European single day beds will let you stretch out and relax in total comfort.

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Stylish and practical, our day beds can be used in either your bedroom or living room. Our day beds will also offer a convenient space for guests to store their essentials with additional storage available.

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How big are European single day beds?

Our European single day beds have a size of 3ft 6ft6in, making them slightly larger than our range of single beds. This means our European day beds can accommodate both adults and children. For more help choosing the right sized bed for you, take a look at our bed size guide.

Are day beds comfy?

Yes, all of our day beds are very comfortable! Manufactured from top-quality materials, our day beds are solid and durable. This ensures that our day beds remain comfortable over years of use. Each of our day beds also come with a manufacturer's guarantee.

Are day beds suitable for everyday use?

Our European single beds are versatile, and can be used to lounge during the day and sleep at night. If a day bed isn't your thing, our range of sofa beds are also perfect for everyday use, and provide a hybrid solution of a bed and a sofa.