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Bed Size Guide

Do you ever get confused with all the different bed sizes available? It’s easy to get lost when so many bed measurements are thrown around: what does "queen size" mean? Is a double big enough for you? What’s the point of a super king size bed? How on earth am I meant to pick the correct bed frame size?

Finding the correct bed frame size is of fundamental importance. Picking the wrong one can mean an uncomfortable sleeping experience, and if you’ve found the perfect mattress, you can ruin it with the wrong bed frame.

If any of the above has ever bothered you, then don’t worry – our bed size guide breaks down everything you need to know before buying. We delve into bed widths, frame sizes, measurements and dimensions so you can make an informed purchase.

Bed size chart

The below chart lists the most popular bed sizes in order of smallest to largest:

Bed Size Width Length
Cot Bed 1'9" (53cm, 21") 4'0" (120cm, 48")
Toddler Bed 2'3" (70cm, 27") 4'6" (140cm, 54")
Small Single 2'6" (76cm, 30") 6'3" (190cm, 75")
Single 3'0" (90cm, 36") 6'3" (190cm, 75")
European Single 3'0" (90cm, 36") 6'6" (200cm, 78")
Small Double 4'0" (120cm, 48") 6'3" (190cm, 75")
Queen 4'0" (120cm, 48") 6'3" (190cm, 75")
3/4 Bed 4'0" (120cm, 48") 6'3" (190cm, 75")
Double 4'6" (135cm, 54") 6'3" (190cm, 75")
European Double 4'7" (140cm, 55") 6'6" (200cm, 78")
King Size 5'0" (150cm, 60") 6'6" (200cm, 78")
European Queen 5'3" (160cm, 63") 6'6" (200cm, 78")
European King 5'3" (160cm, 63") 6'6" (200cm, 78")
Super King 6'0" (180cm, 72") 6'6" (200cm, 78")

UK bed sizes explained

What size is a cot bed?

A UK cot size is 1 foot 9 inches x 4 foot (1'9" x 4'), equivalent to 53 x 120cm, or 21" x 48", whilst a cot bed (or toddler bed – see below) measures 2 foot 3 inches x 4 foot 6 inches (1'9" x 4'), equivalent to 70 x 140cm or 27" x 54". This should leave plenty of room for your little one to grow into before moving to a toddler bed.

Discover our full range of cots and cot beds here.

What size is a toddler bed?

A UK toddler bed size is 2 foot 3 inches x 4 foot 6 inches (2'3" x 4'6"), equivalent to 7 x 140cm or 27" x 54". Unlike other bed frames, toddler beds can leave customers feeling confused. Their size isn’t too obvious, aside from the fact that they’re the stepping stone between cots and small single beds.

Things can get confusing for toddler beds as they are also commonly referred to as a "cot bed". A "cot bed" is a cot that allows you to take the side off and has toddler size bed measurements, so it's effectively a cot and toddler bed in one.

If you're one of those who are wondering, "what size is a toddler bed?" then don’t fret. The toddler bed frame size leaves enough room for your little one to sleep comfortably for years before transitioning to a small single.

However, when you need to decide between all the different themes on offer in our toddler bed range, you'll be facing an even tougher decision!

What size is a small single bed?

A small single bed size comes in at 2 foot 6 inches x 6 foot 3 inches (2'6" x 6'3"), equivalent to 76cm x 190cm or 30” x 75”. This is typically a good size for a child’s first bed or for a guest bedroom.

The small single bed frame size means it can suit many different children, plus it leaves enough room for some inventive, eye-catching designs.

Discover our full range of small single beds here.

What size is a single bed?

A single bed dimensions are 3 foot x 6 foot 3 inches (3' x 6'3"), equivalent to 90cm x 190cm or 35" x 75". The single bed length and width makes them a versatile option for growing children, as well as for adults as an extra guest bed.

The most appealing aspect of the single bed size is its versatility; whether you’re a growing family or entertain lots of guests, single bed measurements ensure everyone will have somewhere comfy to sleep.

Browse our full collection of single beds here.

What size is a small double bed?

A UK small double bed is 4 foot x 6 foot 3 inches (4' x 6'3"), equivalent to 120cm x 190cm or 48" x 75".

This bed size is suitable for smaller bedrooms, offering the width of a double bed in a shorter, more space-efficient shape. It can appear similar to a double bed to the naked eye, making "what size is a small double bed?" a common query at Happy Beds.

The small double bed dimensions ensures that it’ll be comfortable enough for most adults and growing teenagers to sleep on, and it often the go-to guest bed for our customers.

Browse our range of small double beds here.

What size is a double bed?

A double bed dimensions are 4 foot 6 inches x 6 foot 3 inches (4'6" x 6'3"), equivalent to 137cm x 190cm or 54" x 75". As one of the most popular bed frames, the UK double bed size is the go-to for couples or single sleepers who like their space. The double bed width and length makes it incredibly versatile.

All in all, double bed measurements are a safe bet for most sleepers. A standard double bed size is one of the most popular frames in the UK for a reason – it works for almost everyone.

If you think this is the bed size for you, then consider our range of double beds.

Of course, if the double bed length or width isn’t enough, there are always more regal options…

What size is a king size bed?

King size bed dimensions are 5 foot x 6 foot 6 inches (5' x 6'6"), equivalent to 150cm x 200cm or 59" x 79", so you no longer need to ask, "what size is a king size bed?"!

The generous king size bed measurements makes it one of the most-coveted options in the bed world thanks to its space and comfort.

The UK’s king size bed has ample width and length making it popular all over the country. Whether it's a 5-star hotel or a spare bedroom, king size beds are everywhere.

Discover our king size bed collection today.

The UK’s king size bed size is almost the crème-de-la-crème of beds, but there is one that is even larger.

What size is a super king bed?

Super king size bed dimensions are 6 foot x 6 foot 6 inches (6' x 6'6"), equivalent to 180cm x 200cm or 71" x 79".

If you’re still wondering "what size is a super king bed?", just imagine a significantly wider king size bed. Super king size bed measurements are made for the type of person who loves as much space as possible when sleeping.

The super king bed gives you a generous 6 feet of width, an entire foot more than a king size, meaning if you like to have your own space when sleeping next to your partner, this is the bed frame for you.

Go big and check out our super king bed range here.

Other bed sizes

Sometimes, you'll come across bed sizes that aren't named exactly like the above. Most often, you'll see references to a queen size or 3/4 size bed.

Queen Size Bed Size

In the UK, the queen size bed size is effectively a small double. This means the queen size bed dimensions and measurements are 4 foot x 6 foot 3 inches (4' x 6'3"), equivalent to 120cm x 190cm or 47" x 75".

3/4 Bed Size

It may not seem like a common term, but here at Happy Beds, we’re often asked "what size is a 3/4 bed?" or "how big is a 3/4 bed?". Simply put, the ¾ bed size is like a queen size, so it’s the equivalent of a small double.

Non-UK bed measurements

Bed measurements differ depending on the region you're in. Below, we'll explain the differences between UK, US and EU sizes.

European Bed Sizes

European size bed frames may look the same as their UK counterparts, but they are much longer. European bed sizes are a popular choice in the UK for that reason, especially if you're a taller person.

Discover all the differences between European bed sizes below.

European Single Bed Size

So, what size is a European single bed? It can't be too different than the UK size, right?

Well, actually the European single bed size measures 3 foot x 6 foot 6 inches (3' x 6'6"), which is 90 x 200cm or 36" x 78". This makes them ideal for taller sleepers.

At Happy Beds, we stock a collection of European single beds, so feel free to browse if this lengthier option is more suited to you.

European Double Bed Size

A European double bed size is 4 foot 7 inches x 6 foot 6 inches (4'7" x 6'6"), which is equivalent to 140cm x 200cm or 55" x 78". These are the most common beds found in Europe.

Much like other European variants, the advantage of the European double bed size vs UK variants is its length.

European Queen Size Bed Size

So, what size is a European queen bed? A European queen size bed size is 5 foot 2 inches x 6 foot 6 inches (5'2" x 6'6"), equivalent to 160cm x 200cm or 64" x 78", so wider and longer than their UK equivalent.

European King Size Bed Size

The European king size bed size measures 5 foot 3 inches x 6 foot 6 inches (5'3" x 6'6"), which equals 160cm x 200cm or 63" x 78". European king size bed measurements make them a popular option for larger sleepers.

UK vs US Bed Sizes

At Happy Beds, we are often asked "are UK and US bed sizes the same?". While there isn't a huge difference between them, US bed sizes tend to be larger than their UK counterparts.

Below, we have a quick UK vs US bed sizes comparison. We have listed US bed sizes in cm, inches and feet for the most popular bed sizes so you can stay informed:

Bed Size US Size UK Size
Single 3'2" x 6'2" (97cm x 188cm, 38" x 74") 3'0" x 6'3" (90cm x 190cm, 36" x 75")
Double 4'6" x 6'2" (135cm x 188cm, 54" x 74") 4'6" x 6'3" (135cm x 190cm, 54" x 75")
US Queen / UK King 5'0" x 6'8" (150cm x 203cm, 60" x 80") 5'0" x 6'6" (150cm x 200cm, 60" x 78")
Super King 6'4" x 6'8" (193cm x 203cm, 76" x 80") 6'0" x 6'6" (180cm x 200cm, 72" x 78")

Are you ready to buy the right bed frame?

Now that you know what size bed frame suits you, check out our full range of beds.

Of course, knowing what size to get is just half the fun. Browse our range to find the perfect design, colour, headboard… gosh, we’re getting envious!

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