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Double Bed Frames

Whether you’re looking for a bed to sleep one or for two, we have an array of roomy, quality double bed frames that look great and compliment any interior style. Our super-comfortable double beds give you the best night’s sleep and keep a smile on your face. After all, we are called Happy Beds.

Each of double bed frame measures 4'6" (135cm, 54") x 6'3" (190cm, 75"), meaning there is plenty of room for one or two sleepers.

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    Mission White Wooden Storage Bed
    Mission White Wooden Storage Bed
    RRP From £ Save £223.99 Now From £279.99

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Enjoy space and comfort with a double bed frame

Because we source our double beds direct from the supplier, we can pass on the saving to you - ensuring you enjoy prices you won’t get anywhere else. Shop online today for double bed frames in a range of colours here.

We have a variety of double beds available at Happy Beds, so it can be a little confusing on what to opt for. Thankfully, we've explained them all below.

  • Double Bunk Beds - most bunks beds aren't available in doubles, but we do have a few options at Happy Beds. These consist of a double bed with a single bed on top, also known as a triple sleeper. These are ideal if you need an extra guest bed, or if you have two sleepers of different sizes.
  • Double Kids Beds - some kids beds are available in a double, which is perfect for teens and young adults. These beds are available in multiple finishes and are plenty big enough for someone who's still growing - or almost finished.
  • Double Storage Beds - storage beds are a dream for those who hate clutter. If you find that your bedroom - or, more likely, your kid's bedroom - is riddled with mess, then you may want a storage bed.
  • Double Ottoman Beds - our double ottoman beds have plenty of room to store clothes, toys and anything else away. These ottoman beds use gas-powered pistons to lift the mattress and slats up with minimum effort.
  • Double TV Beds - TV beds are made for those who love binging TV series. Whether you're chilling alone or watching the latest series with a partner, a TV bed ensures you can keep watching in the comfort of your own sheets.

When it comes to buying a double bed frame, we have lots of materials to choose from to suit any taste. Our double bed range is available in the following materials:

  • Double Wooden Beds - some people like their bedrooms to look rustic and outdoorsy, in which case a double wooden bed would make the perfect bed.
  • Double Metal Beds - get a contemporary look with an elegant and beautiful double metal bed.
  • Double Upholstered Beds - featuring materials including velvet, suede, faux-leather and more, our double upholstered beds offer understated class and practicality.
  • Double Fabric Beds - versatile beds available in a range of colours and styles, our double fabric beds will suit any bedroom.
  • Double Velvet Beds - add some sumptuous luxury to your bedroom with one of our double velvet beds, including crushed velvet double beds.
  • Double Leather Beds - the ultimate in elegance, our double leather beds are sophisticated and functional.

It can be hard to pick the right bed size. Therefore, we've written and in-depth bed size guide. This guide discusses measurements, bed types and their characteristics, so you can make the right buying decision every time.