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5 Common Themes of Unusual Pregnancy Dreams

5 Common Themes of Unusual Pregnancy Dreams

Sleep is more important than ever when you’re pregnant. It helps you recover from the stress on your body during the day and rest for the day ahead. However, many women report of disrupted sleep when they’re pregnant due to strange dreams.

So, as part of our pregnancy and sleep campaign, I decided to look at why women get crazy dreams while pregnant, took a look at common themes in pregnancy dreams, and what you can do to ensure a quality night’s rest.


Why Do Women Get Crazy Pregnancy Dreams?

Dreams during pregnancy are often more vivid or frequent due to the hormonal changes your body is going through, as well as the anxious feelings you may be having about the future. And, as you wake up more to use the toilet or due to cramp, you’re more likely to remember your dreams than you would be normally.

Dreaming can help you deal with emotions. So, although they are disturbing your sleep, leaving you tired and cranky, crazy pregnancy dreams could be providing some psychological benefit.


What Do Pregnancy Dreams Mean?

1. Pregnancy Dreams About Giving Birth


The further you get into your pregnancy, the more likely dreams about giving birth will happen. Whether realistic or fantastical, this is likely your brain working through your feelings around the birth – perhaps concern that the birth is out of your hands, or that the labour may not go as planned.

At the same time, dreams about giving birth can also show you’re excited for the new arrival.

Some women also have dreams about giving birth to animals or inanimate objects. This may seem strange, but it is likely an internal preparation for the responsibilities a pregnant woman will soon have, and the way their life will soon change for the better.


2. Pregnancy Dreams About Forgetting the Baby


If you have a pregnancy dream about forgetting the baby and leaving it somewhere, then this could mean you are excited for baby to arrive but don’t quite feel ready for the responsibility of becoming a parent. Alternatively, it may represent the parts of your life which you will have to give up once the baby arrives – work for 6 months, for example.


3. Pregnancy Dreams About Being Trapped


Pregnancy dreams about being trapped are extremely common. This could represent the baby ‘trapped’ in the womb or an expectant mum’s fears of how she will no longer have the freedom or independence she once had.


4. Pregnancy Dreams About Water


Water is a common theme for dreams, even when an individual isn’t pregnant. However, water dreams become more vivid when you’re with child.

The meanings of these dreams will differ depending on how far along you are. For example, dreams about rain, seas or baths during your first trimester could connote the feeling of new beginnings, cleansing and new life.

Towards the end of your pregnancy, you are more likely to dream about floods or tidal waves which may act as a metaphor for your waters breaking and labour beginning. Furthermore, if you dream that you’re floating on water, this could represent the physical sensation of feeling the baby moving in its amniotic fluid.


5. Pregnancy Dreams About Travelling


Although everyone knows giving birth is no holiday, many pregnant women dream that they are, or will be, taking a trip.

This can signify the lifelong journey you’re about to go on, whereas, the method of travel you take in your dream can add further context. For example, driving could mean you intend on maintaining a profession whilst raising your child and flying means you already have ideas about how you will raise them.


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