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Swift Dreams: Five Bedroom Designs Inspired by Iconic Albums

Swift Dreams: Five Bedroom Designs Inspired by Iconic Albums

Redesigning your bedroom is always a big task; the first step is finding inspiration for your new style. Whether creating mood boards or just putting together a list of must-have items in your bedroom, planning it all out will inevitably make it much easier to actually redecorate. Regarding actual inspiration, we've looked at a certain pop star and the different eras she's reinvented herself with for some tried and tested inspo!

To celebrate the 'world's most talked about artist', we envisioned what bedrooms inspired by some of Taylor's most iconic albums could look like. Also, our sleep expert and CEO, Rex Isap, reveals that each bedroom has features that promote relaxation and are scientifically proven to give you a better night's sleep. We imagine you'll be swiftly redesigning your bedroom once you see these…

Which bedroom design will be your era?

Romantic retreat bedroom

1. The Romantic Retreat

The 'Romantic Retreat' features a dreamy pastel sky that oozes romance - it's perfect for a 'Lover'. Think soft pastels, dreamy textures and fairy lights for a romantic bedroom escape. These lights not only look stylish, but they can help you sleep better, too.

Fairy lights are less stimulating than bright lights, helping to promote relaxation and sleepiness. Big, bright lights affect our circadian rhythm by inhibiting melatonin production, also known as your 'sleep hormone'. This study found that participants fell asleep faster when the lights were dimmed before bedtime.

The twinkling lights have a soft and warm glow, creating a calming and soothing atmosphere - the ideal remedy for stress and anxiety. In one study from 2022, researchers found that coloured lights positively regulate one's mood, which can help promote a more calming sleep.

However, we recommend opting for muted, warmer colours at night instead of bright lights, as the brighter lights can inhibit your sleep. In the morning, you could still opt for the bright lights as they will help with the production of cortisol, which keeps you alert during the day.

Country cosiness bedroom

2. Country Cosiness

For this album-inspired bedroom, the focus is rustic charm. Think decor that reminds you of warm wood, cosy blankets and earthy tones throughout. This bedroom design might be modelled on the artist's country roots, but the earthy style could help you sleep. Bringing nature indoors creates a calm sanctuary that allows us to unwind, bringing down our cortisol levels (our 'stress' hormone), which is the opposite of what we need when attempting to sleep.

Wood decor is extremely accessible and affordable, available in most home stores. However, wood also has an extremely positive impact on sleep, and studies have found that it can increase comfort levels and even reduce insomnia.

The smell of wood also has sleep-inducing effects. So, to start small, you could incorporate the smell of cedarwood oil into your room with diffusers or pillow mist sprays. This type of decor is very grounding and can create a calming effect. However, if you cannot change your furniture, you can quickly add natural elements to your bedroom through plants. We have even uncovered the 8 best bedroom plants to help you sleep if you are looking for 'Evermore' inspiration for your bedroom.

Gothic elegance bedroom

3. Gothic Elegance

Embrace the 'Reputation' era with dark hues, luxurious fabric and a touch of drama to elevate the aesthetic. Not only is the room a visual treat, but it's a retreat that encourages you to spend more than the average time (a third of your life) in bed.

Warm, dark lighting - such as reds, which befit this decor - has sleep-promoting benefits. Switching to red light at night is recommended as it helps with melatonin production. You can switch to brighter colours in the daytime, but darker colours can help you fall into a more restful slumber.

Opting for a room such as this, with wooden furniture, offers you the chance to go darker with your colour scheme if you are nervous about painting your walls. Similarly, soft, luxurious textures - as shown in this style of bedroom - help stimulate the feeling of touch, which can also help lull you to sleep. Think of the luxurious textures as a warm hug or stimulating the pressure of a hug. Hugging releases oxytocin, and this feeling can help you sleep.

Silk sheets and pillowcases, in particular, can also help you sleep as they allow your skin to breathe, reducing the amount you sweat at night. In addition, silk is lighter on the skin than other materials and less likely to cause friction when you sleep. If you have ever woken up with lines on your face from your pillowcase due to friction, opt for breathable materials for your bedding.

City sleek sleep

4. City Sleek Sleep

Perfect for those who live in the hustle and bustle of a busy city, this decor features clean lines, modern decor and soothing colours to mimic the serenity of a city skyline. This bedroom - boasting a very '1989' vibe - uses a soft colour palette with serene blues and warm cream tones. And, of course, those blues will help you sleep, with blue often tipped as the best colour for a bedroom due to its association with peace and relaxation. Blue colours have even been reported to reduce heart rate.

In addition, the clean lines and lack of clutter can promote feelings of restfulness, with clutter said to disrupt sleep and increase feelings of anxiety. Another benefit to this type of bedroom - certainly when looking at the inspiration behind the style - is the nostalgic elements, which can be seen in the Polaroid pictures.

Previous research has found that feelings of nostalgia can improve emotional well-being and release positive emotions, which can help you fall into a deeper slumber. It's also said that these emotions can make you more resilient when stressed, which can only help you sleep.

Starry serenity bedroom

5. Starry Serenity

Drift off to dreamland under the starry sky inspired by the 'Midnights' era. Think dark blues, celestial accents and soft lighting. Starry lights - as depicted by projectors - are often used in children's bedrooms, and there's no reason they shouldn't be used in yours. The soft, warm lighting can help promote relaxation and restfulness, essential for a better night's sleep. Any feelings of stress or negative emotions significantly disrupt your sleep, as it can increase the production of cortisol. This is the enemy of sleep and the 'sleep' hormone, melatonin.

Blue tones are also often associated with calm and relaxation, with the colour strongly associated with relaxation due to its ability to make us think of nature and the sky. This type of room is ideal for both morning and night, with warmer lights for the evening to help you sleep and switching to brighter white lights in the morning to help you wake up.

With this decor, you can add nature with houseplants - as seen on the bedside tables. Houseplants like snake plants are a great addition to the bedroom thanks to their oxygen-emitting abilities. The plant's oxygen will help purify the air, leading to a better night's sleep. Another plant to consider adding to your bedroom is lavender. This aromatic plant is known to promote relaxation with its soothing scent. The plant is often used in pillow sprays to aid sleep, but the actual plant will have the same effect, if not better.

Can decluttering and redesigning your room help you sleep better?

If you want to update your bedroom, there's never a better time to start than now, even if that means simply decluttering and making way for new items. Clutter can hinder your ability to sleep and can even induce pre-sleep anxiety, which can lead to elevated stress levels and an inability to rest and recoup for the next day fully. Therefore, it affects your ability to get through whatever you have planned.

Reducing clutter can alleviate that stress and help make your bedroom peaceful, essential for good sleep hygiene. You can start by just focusing on the areas around your bed, removing clutter from the bedside table and looking to incorporate houseplants and other items that release positive emotions.

To start updating your bedroom, check out our range of beds to create one of our inspired rooms.

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