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A Mattress Guide for Growing Teens: Which Bed is Best?

A Mattress Guide for Growing Teens: Which Bed is Best?

Buying a Mattress for Your Teenager

Finding the right mattress for an adult can be difficult enough, but where do you begin with the ideal mattress for a growing teenager?

What type of mattress can support their growth and development? Do teens need a different design to ensure they’re just as comfortable as their parents or guardians? We’ll explore the different types of mattresses best suited for growing teens and why.


What You Need to Know Before Beginning Your Mattress Buying Mission

Before deciding which mattress to buy for your growing teen, there are a few other things which you may need to take into consideration:


What Size Mattress is Best for a Teenager?

Bed size is important; no doubt your teenager is growing taller by the day, and so they’re likely to require more room, width and length in coming years.

It may cost a little more upfront, but once you have a suitable bed for your teen, they’ll likely be able to use it for the foreseeable future. Take a look at our handy bed size illustration chart to see which size may be best suited for your teen.


Don’t Forget to Pre-Empt Growth Spurts!

As I’m sure you’ll have noticed, teenagers seem to grow rapidly; sudden growth spurts happen and you’ll suddenly realise that their existing bed may no longer be fit for purpose.

Although growth spurts usually occur in early teenage years, it’s worth bearing in mind that your not-so-little-ones may grow even more. Purchasing a bed and mattress that is bigger than they currently are will certainly be worth the money - particularly if yours is a traditionally-tall family.

Plus, foam and latex mattresses are said to be much more comfortable when it comes to growing pains, offering far more ease to those aches than innerspring mattresses.


What is the Best Mattress Firmness for a Teenager?

In order to determine the best mattress firmness for your teenager, you may want to consider the way they sleep. Sleeping positions are generally something that are determined early on in life, where we figure out which sleeping position works best for us, and your mattress buying journey should be greatly influenced by this.

Check out the different firmness ratings and which sleeping position they are best for below:



Position: stomach sleeper

stomach sleeper
Firmness Rating: firm

Reason: A firm mattress will provide the necessary support to ensure a stomach sleeper’s spine doesn’t curve too much. It will also ensure there is no feeling of sinking into the mattress, meaning there’ll be little reason to move around into a different, less comfortable position.


Position: side sleeper

side sleeper
Firmness Rating: medium/soft

Reason: Soft to medium memory foam mattresses support the way you sleep; if you’re lying on your side, the likelihood is that you’ll be lying on your arm, so you want your mattress to mould to your body’s natural contour in that position.



Position: back sleeper

back sleeper
Firmness Rating: variable

Reason: Back sleepers can enjoy almost any firmness, so should choose a mattress that feels most comfortable for them. Firm or soft can be suitable depending on existing neck or back issues. Lumbar support is key for back sleepers, so find a mattress that provides the necessary support whilst offering the same amount of comfort.


Do Teenagers Really Need That Much Sleep?

We’re sure you’ve all been there, waking a grumpy teenager up for school because they’ve been up all night playing computer games… if it sounds familiar, or your growing teen has an uncomfortable mattress that’s been keeping them up, they likely won’t receive a suitable amount of sleep.

According to the National Sleep Foundation. teenagers generally need 8-10 hours of sleep per night. However, most teens do not get enough sleep and what sleep they do have is irregular, meaning a good mattress to support their growing bodies is extremely important.


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Every teenager is different, but we hope our guide has provided you with enough information to make an informed decision about what mattress to buy.
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