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From Throws to Ottomans, How to Style the Foot of the Bed

From Throws to Ottomans, How to Style the Foot of the Bed

What purpose does a bedroom serve? We use our bedroom for many things, getting dressed, reading a favourite book or generally participating in beloved hobbies. However, the entire reason we have a bedroom is simply to sleep in. You can’t have a bedroom without a bed, right? The key is in the name.

Many underestimate the power of a well-designed bed. Yes, we want it to be both comfortable and supportive, but the appearance of a bed can either make or break a bedroom’s design. When walking into any bedroom, the first thing you notice is usually the bed – typically within the centre of the room and likely to be the largest item, it’s difficult not to notice it. You don’t have to be a qualified interior designer to make your bed beautiful, whether it’s throwing on a few decorative cushions or choosing a new statement bed, here are our top tips on how you can style your bed.

Get Cosy with Bed Throws and Blankets

A great way to keep it simple and cost-effective, is adding throws and blankets at the end of the bed. Particularly for larger beds, a simple duvet and pillow combination doesn’t cut it. If the notion of interior design seems daunting, start by just adding soft furnishings such as throws and blankets to the end of your bed. They can make a big difference, without too much thought.

There are plenty of throws and blankets available in a variety of materials, colours, patterns and of course price. There is truly a style to suit every bed. When shopping for an end of bed throw, take into consideration the theme of your bedroom – do the colours compliment one another? If you’re feeling a little lost in your search for the perfect colour scheme, try adding a neutral colour; white, grey or black tend to flatter most bedrooms.

Personalising your bed gives you a chance to get creative and make your bed, your own. Including a few throw cushions to match the throw can be a great way to tie the bedroom together. Take inspiration from our stylish Malmo White Wooden Storage Bed, using pastel coloured throws and cushions to brighten up a simple yet modern bed – personal touches like these can go a long way.



Add Convenience with Ottomans and Benches

Okay, so you’ve added a blanket to the end of your bed, now what next? Introducing an end of bed ottoman or bench adds comfort and convenience to your bedroom. Offering stylish storage and an extra seat, they can be an effective addition to complement your bed. With the many ottomans and benches available, you’re certain to find one to match any style, colour or theme.

End of bed storage is a great way to decorate your bed, and in turn, create a stylish storage solution. Ottoman storage is perfect for organising your belongings, maintaining a simplistic order in your bedroom. Ottoman storage is often used to store throw cushions and bedding, ensuring all your soft furnishings are organised neatly. Stylish end-of-bed benches can act as a comfortable perching spot, perfect for reading and relaxing, the ultimate place to unwind and reflect on your day.


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Modernise Your Bedroom with TV Beds

Are you ready for a new-age of bedroom design? I introduce to you TV beds. Perhaps something you’ve never considered or even knew existed, TV beds provide technical functionality to combine your TV with the foot of your bed. Here’s how it works: the TV is stored secretly underneath the foot of your bed to be revealed by the press of a button.

These beds transform your sleeping arrangement, combining a full entertainment system within the bed frame. Take a look at our incredible Barnard Silver Velvet Fabric TV Ottoman Storage Bed, the perfect example of a stylish, luxurious statement bed.

Although you can place a TV stand at the end of your bed, TV beds are a great way to maximise the space in your bedroom. These beds are larger than your average bed and offer a touch of grandeur, sure to transform any bedroom into an image of glamour.



I hope I’ve inspired the creation of many beautifully designed beds! We at Happy Beds would love to see how you’ve chosen to style yours. Tag us in your Instagram pictures, tweet us your style ideas on Twitter and share your favourite designs on our Facebook. Remember, every bed is different; every sleeper’s style is unique. How a bedroom is designed and styled should reflect our personality. It’s time to get creative and cosy – happy sleeping!

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