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How to Give Your Little Soldier an Army Themed Bedroom

How to Give Your Little Soldier an Army Themed Bedroom

As some of you may know, we recently ran a competition asking children of the UK to design their dream bed (discover the finalists and winner here). During our search for the coolest creations we noticed a number of little ones longed for an army-themed bedroom with khaki and camo.

For example, Taylor, aged 9 from the South West, drew this marvellous bed with camo print and a soldier on the duvet cover. He said it should have a canopy over the headboard in the shape of an army base.

So, if your son or daughter would also love a camo bedroom, then you’re sure to adore the following interior tips!


Choose Camo and Khaki for Your Colour Scheme

Deep greens, soft greys, sandy taupes and chocolate brown are the colour palette of choice for an army or military themed bedroom. These shades reflect the colours of nature, but together they’ll do anything but blend in, making a real style statement.

I love the idea of a brown and green bedroom with plenty of texture. Think wood grain, chunky knits and silky accessories.

If you’re a dab hand with a paint brush, you could even try painting large camouflage spots on the walls!


Get Inventive with Storage

If your kids have toys EVERYWHERE in their room and you’re fed up of standing on Lego in the dark, a camo net makes the ideal hanging storage. Position one in the corner of their room (like a hammock) for a simple storage solution which makes their bedroom floor feel like less of a minefield.

If you’d prefer a neater approach, trunks or toy chests are great. Opt for metal or leather-effect to blend seamlessly with your other brown and green bedroom ideas.


Add Pattern with Graphic Wallpaper

If you’d prefer to wallpaper, rather than paint, then we have the perfect inspiration. Check out this grown-up space Charlotte from @lottieshousebuild has created for her son.

The metal storage trunks, chunky knit throw blanket and bold, patterned wallpaper work perfectly with the theme, and our Astrid Grey Fabric Bed looks fab too!


Select a Themed Bed

So, the military themed bedroom is almost complete, but why settle for an ordinary bed when you can have something a little special?

I love the idea of a den bed – a mid-sleeper with a camouflage-print fabric or net canopy hung around the bottom to create the feel of a tent – but bunk beds give more of an authentic look.

Alternatively, our Hedwig White Wooden Treehouse Bed Frame would make the perfect base.


Are You Armed and Ready with Décor Inspiration?

Hopefully these ideas have provided some great inspiration for transforming your little one’s bedroom.

Don’t forget to share photos of your army themed kids’ bedrooms with us over on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

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