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How to Inject Some Style into Your Child’s Bedroom

How to Inject Some Style into Your Child’s Bedroom

Let’s face it, when the time comes to redecorate and restyle your child’s bedroom, there’s always a fair amount of conflict between your ideas and theirs. Once they hit that age where they actually have their own opinion (shock horror!), they are inevitably going to insist on having their say on decor.

You may have similar style, but it is unlikely that they will have a cohesive interior design scheme in mind and much more likely that they will request bright and brash colours or even a character theme which, if you’re anything like me, could fill you with a sense of dread.

It’s a tough one. You want to make them happy, but you also want to maintain the same sense of style that runs throughout the rest of your home and ensure there is interior design flow.

Well, I’m here to help. Read on for my favourite kids bedroom ideas and top tips to help make sure both you and they love the finished article.

1. Be Clever with Colourful Prints

Suggest incorporating their favourite characters via some framed prints mounted on the wall. (A far more subtle solution than having them splayed all over their bedding, curtains, and wallpaper.)

If they insist on a bold wallpaper, I’d recommend encouraging them towards a mural wallpaper with a stylish print rather than anything too commercial and tacky.

2. Suggest a Neon Sign

A very on-trend accessory and exciting for both adults and kids alike, neon lights offer a modern alternative to a bedside lamp whilst also creating interesting wall art, whether turned on or not.

3. Be Bold with Blackboard Paint

Have you considered painting one of the walls in blackboard paint? This is another super hip idea that your child will love and will be aesthetically pleasing for you too. This is a sure-fire way to excite your kids and keep them on side during the décor planning process.

Now, we’re not suggesting all walls are painted this way, as it could be a little dark. Instead opt for a small section of wall away from their bed, like we have done here in the reading corner.

4. Go Green with Stylish Planters

Keeping a plant alive can help teach children responsibility and can act as practice for children who ask for a pet. Give your child the responsibility of keeping their new plants watered and looking lush. (Of course, artificial options are available if you worry about the pots being knocked over and soil spilling.)

If their bedroom is pretty neutral, greenery in stylish planters will give a homely touch and pop of colour that you’ll appreciate too.

5. Purchase a Cool Kids’ Bed

I would recommend incorporating a stylish bed from the Kid's section of the Happy Beds website. The Pegasus Wooden High Sleeper, for example, not only offers your little one optimum comfort, but also the excitement of a high sleeping space, as well as a workstation and loads of storage (a huge bonus for Mums wanting to keep mess to a minimum). It comes in a choice of three colours too: anthracite, grey and white, and white.

6. Treat Them to a Beanbag

Because what kid doesn’t love a beanbag? Let them take their pick from the selection of trendy Happy Beds Bean Bags - that way you can rest assured that whatever they go for will be tasteful.

Give it a Go!

Hopefully this has given you some inspiration and I wish you luck in steering your children’s room décor in the right direction. Remember, the key to success is to make it seem as if they’re making all the decisions themselves. No mean feat, but you’ve got this!

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