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Leather Beds vs Fabric Beds: Which Do You Prefer?

Leather Beds vs Fabric Beds: Which Do You Prefer?

When you’re shopping for a new bed, the style of it is just as important as choosing the right mattress. So, it comes as no surprise that one of our most frequently asked questions is which is the best type of bed, fabric or leather? They have their own benefits, and both bring very different things to a bedroom. Therefore, to help you consider what’s best for you, we’ve put together a handy guide comparing the two.


Why Choose a Leather Bed?

Luxury leather beds bring a touch of class and sophistication to the bedroom.


  • They Are Versatile
    The neutral colour palette of a leather bed makes it easy to combine with other pieces of furniture and decor. This means, if you want a bold, statement bedroom, you don’t have to compromise on the rest of the decor just so the bed can fit in.


  • They Are Hardwearing
    The timeless style of leather paired with its longevity, thanks to the hard-wearing and characterful ageing process, ensures that your new bed will be reliable and long-standing without having to compromise on aesthetics.


  • They Are Hypoallergenic
    For those of us that suffer from allergies, leather is the perfect option. Its naturally hypoallergenic material helps eliminate the chance of a night time flare up, ensuring a comfortable night's sleep.


  • They Are Easy to Care For
    Leather is ridiculously easy to maintain. Spillages and mess can be easily cleaned, and it doesn’t collect dust like other materials are prone to.


  • They Add Texture
    Mixing leather with other fabrics adds an element of texture and depth to the room. A leather bed is a perfect base for building upon with scatter cushions, throws and any other finishing touches.


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Why Choose a Fabric Bed?

Fabric beds add a sense of style and personality to any bedroom.


  • They Are Soft
    They add a softer, more comfortable vibe to your room. Fabric beds are perfect for creating a warm and cosy sleeping environment.


  • They Come in Numerous Colours and Materials
    There’re endless options for fabric style and colour with fabric beds, meaning you can find the perfect match for not only your bedroom but your personality too. Fabric is perfect if you want your bed to make a statement.


  • They Help Maintain a Constant Temperature
    It doesn’t conduct heat very well, meaning you’ll be able to stay cool during the warmer months. It will also provide an insulated layer between you and cold walls in winter.


  • They Are More Hardwearing Than You Think
    Fabric doesn’t get scratched and damaged in ways that other materials might, meaning it’s perfect for a busy household. Things like pet scratches and scuffs aren’t going to hinder its style and integrity.


  • They Draw the Eye
    They’re perfect for creating a homely space in a larger room, fabric beds can be excellent centrepieces for an eclectic bedroom décor scheme.


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So, Which Wins in the Decision Between Leather vs Fabric?

Both materials have their advantages, so it’s really all down to personal taste. If you’re wanting a more classic, elegant bedroom then consider leather, whereas fabric beds offer a much more personal and stylish element to the bedroom.

When shopping for your new bedroom décor scheme, do consider using the two together. Mixing fabric and leather pieces in your bedroom decor adds depth and texture, a fabric bed is hugely complemented by a leather ottoman or pouffe for example.

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