We extensively test our beds to ensure that they are the most appropriate for the customers. We have sold these in thousands and are sure that the bed we sell will be suitable.

We deliver throughout the UK. However, we charge an additional amount to deliver to some offshore or remote mainland destinations.

If your postcode begins with any of the following you will be charged an extra delivery fee, payable at checkout:




IV,  KW,  PH17-PH50,  PA20-PA78

Isle of Arran & Great Cumbrae

KA27 and KA28

Cornwall, Truro

TR21 to TR25

Shetland Islands


Northern Ireland


Republic of Ireland






Western Isles


Isle of Wight

PO30 to PO41

Isle of Man


This depends on the courier service used for your area. We do try our best to request specific times with the delivery companies but they operate in sequence and may not be able to come to your area at a given time.

Regarding a specific day, please contact us and we will check for you.

All our courier services are requested by us to call the customer prior to delivery. Some of them do and some of them don’t. Even though we do our best, a call prior to delivery is something which we cannot guarantee.

Yes, we also provide services to install your bed (for divan beds only) and take away the packaging. This however needs to pre-organised and will require a charge which goes directly to the servicemen, not to us. Unfortunately, we cannot offer this service for Bed Frames and Bunk Beds.

Depending on the courier we use and for a charge, we can collect and recycle your old bed or mattress when we deliver the new one. If you purchase a divan bed, depending on your location we can arrange that the courier assemble the divan bed for you, for a charge. Please contact us prior to placing an order to find out whether we can do this or not.

This depends on the courier services used for your area. Please contact us prior to placing an order to find out whether we can do this or not.

Yes, your details will be very safe. Our checkout process is run by a secure payment portal.

Yes, your details will be very safe. Our checkout process is run by a secure payment portal.

We are committed to protecting our customers’ privacy. We will never disclose your personal details to any outside companies.

When you make a purchase from our website, we collect certain personal information from you (such as your name, contact number, email address, billing address, etc.). All this information is kept on secure servers.

The payments on our website are made through a secure payment system. There is no risk for your personal information or payment details.

You can always order from UK mainland and the offshore UK territories.

Unfortunately, you cannot order from outside of the UK using our courier arrangements. We have realised that once your items leave the UK shores, the handling of the services become alien to us, which requires dealing with transport companies operating abroad. We feel unsure whether the item will be delivered to you with quality service or not.

However, if you arrange a delivery and collection service, then we have no problems at all.

You can order from outside of the UK if you provide us with details of a shipping company on the UK mainland so we can deliver to their address.  We will advise them the product is for you and you will arrange the delivery from their address to your own address, or you will pick up the product from their address.

You can always order from UK mainland and the offshore UK territories.

No, sorry. We don’t run expensive shops or showrooms. This is why we can offer you beds and mattresses at such a great price.

This is because we do not run expensive showrooms and shops in city centres. We have very low overheads which means we pass on the savings to you. You pay for our products, not our expenses.

Our mattresses are cheaper than other companies because we manufacture the mattresses ourselves so we can offer to supply the products at wholesale prices.

Moreover, we have a big manufacturing plant and many people working for us so to keep the factory running and the workers busy, we keep our profit margins very low and sell more products at lower prices.

Most department stores stock linen for beds up to 180cm (6ft) wide. There are companies who can make to order.

Yes, you can, and we can also give you discounts if the order is 'large'. Please contact us to enquire about discounts prior to placing your order.

Chances are they are not as similar as they seem. They might both look the same but further details will reveal different material qualities, tensions, etc.

We know it’s a hassle, but it will give your mattress a better feel and longer life. This has nothing to do with the quality of the mattress; it’s to do with your body indentation. When you turn the mattress, it will refresh the sides.

Some of our mattresses are non-turn mattresses, meaning you should not turn them. They are designed to stay one-sided.

Yes, the items purchased before 1 July 2016 are covered by a manufacturer’s guarantee for 1 year. The items purchased on or after 1 July 2016 are covered by a guarantee for 5 years.

Please check over your goods on delivery to ensure that the packaging is intact and all items are in good condition before you sign for them.

If you find your goods to be faulty, damaged or incorrect please refuse the items, sign for them as ‘damaged’ or ‘wrong item sent’ with the driver and contact Customer Services within 24 hours.

If you find that your goods are damaged after you have taken delivery and if you don’t notify us within 24 hours after the delivery attempt, unfortunately we cannot take any responsibility.

Give us a call or email us and we will send the parts to you with no extra charge.

When you contact us, state to us the part numbers of the exact pieces missing (you will find these part numbers in the assembly manual sent with the product) so we can deliver the parts that you want very quickly.

Please let us know as soon as possible, ideally before we dispatch the item (we dispatch very quickly so be sure to act quickly). It will save you and us a lot of time.

If you notify us after we have dispatched, we can still amend or cancel the order but charges for the return shipping service will apply to you.

Unfortunately most of the courier services are not covered by the insurance to enter your house. They must deliver only to the front door of the property on the ground floor.

Upon your request the delivery personnel may be able to help you, but please note, this will be at the delivery personnel’s discretion and will be at the buyer’s responsibility.

If you do need help with bringing in the product into the house or if you need it delivered to an upper floor flat, please notify us before or upon placing the order, and we will contact the courier services to get a confirmation of whether they can offer this service or not.

The extra delivery charge is required not by us but by the courier company we use to deliver to the postcodes mentioned in the second question. We have done our best to avoid this charge but unfortunately we cannot because of the following reasons:

- Offshore UK destinations - The courier services we are contracted to only deliver to the port and we will have to organise a shipping company to take the goods across the water, which causes the charges.

- Scottish Highlands - The contracted courier service has to organise a third-party company to collect the goods from Airdrie Hub and deliver to Scottish Highlands as these destinations are very hard to reach especially with huge and heavy products like ours.

Saturday delivery is available only for mattresses at the charge of £30. Certain postcodes are excluded from the Saturday delivery option.

Sunday delivery is not available.

Please contact us prior to placing your order if have special delivery requirements.

It is normal especially with the memory foam, reflex foam and organic mattresses. The foam contains some chemical substances which ensure the ‘memory’ quality of the mattress.

Please leave the mattress in a well-ventilated room for a couple of days to allow the smell to disappear.

Also, if you are allergic to certain chemicals and if you are unsure whether the foam mattress contains them, please contact us prior to placing your order.

Our advertised tension (as seen in mattress descriptions) is based on the weight of an adult weighing approximately 12 - 14 stones (75 - 90kg).

The same mattress may feel of a different tension to different people depending on their weight and other personal factors. A mattress will normally feel firmer for a person weighing less and softer for a person weighing more.

All our mattresses take 6-8 weeks to settle down to their stated tension ratings as per our Terms and Conditions.

The reason for that is the following:

Our mattresses are all made to order which in turn means they have not been stored in a warehouse with other mattresses compressed on top of them. The mattress will settle to the advertised tension in a short period of time with the recommended aftercare once you have received the delivery.

You may also feel that the fillings (especially foam) feel hard to start with but once stored and adjusted to a room temperature they will soften.