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Ottoman Storage Bed Buying Guide

Buying a new bed can be a big decision, and although it’s tempting to just go for the cheapest options or, on the other end of the scale, the biggest, most comfortable looking one you can find you should always stop to consider what you really need.

How big is the bedroom the bed’ll be placed in? How much storage space does the room need? Are there any additional features that would benefit your life in a big way? These are all points that should be taken into consideration, along with budget, which will be discussed within this section.

Your Happy Beds Ottoman storage bed buying guide:

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  • Don’t think that an Ottoman bed is out of reach for an average budget; they are often only slightly more expensive than conventional beds.
  • Ottoman beds are ideal options for keeping bedrooms clutter free, thanks to the easily accessible and ample storage space.
  • Ottoman beds are available in all shapes and sizes, in all kinds of materials, from fabric to faux leather.
  • What are the essential things I need to keep in mind when buying an Ottoman storage bed?

    The weight limit of the base, and thus the weight and depth of your mattress, as well as the depth of the storage space under the base. How the bed opens, whether it’s from the footend or from the sides, and how strong the pull tag is. There’s also how the Ottoman is assembled to consider, as well as what type of base the bed features.

    As is the case when buying any bed, you must be sure that the bedframe can support your mattress, and whether it’ll fit within the bedframe or not. When considering an Ottoman bed one of the primary concerns should be how much storage space is granted below the base. Some offer a large empty space, whereas others feature compartments.

    How the bed lifts up can be essential as well, depending on the desired room’s available space and layout, as depending on these factors the way the bed lifts could make the Ottoman features a moot point. For example, if assembling an Ottoman bed that opens from the side and placing it next to a wall, if assembled incorrectly the bed could lift up towards the wall, blocking off the space below.

    A final note is to consider what type of base the Ottoman features, as this could impact what the storage space is used for. If it features a solid / sprung slatted base then it could allow dust traces to fall through from the air or the mattress itself, which could harm or sully items of clothing. A platform base will prevent this issue, though if you’re using the storage space for other items that won’t be potentially affected by dust then the solid / sprung slatted base shouldn’t make too much of a difference.

    What price range can I expect for an Ottoman storage bed?

    At the time of writing the Happy Beds website features Ottoman beds from £184.99, for both basic, faux leather upholstered single and a double beds, to £1489.99, for a velvet upholstered 6ft super king bed with television storage capacity.

    As a comparison, the lowest priced bed in general on the Happy Beds website is a single, metal framed bed priced at £89.99 and the most expensive is a 6ft super king sized fabric bed with television storage capacity, a built-in sound system and an opulent amount of padding, priced at £2379.99.

    These contrasting prices show that no one category of bed, even the luxurious Ottomans, are intrinsically more or less expensive on average.

    Why should I consider an Ottoman storage bed as opposed to a regular bed?

    The biggest advantage to an Ottoman bed over a conventional bed is their primary difference; the abundance of additional space beneath the sleeping area.

    Ottoman beds make for fantastic options for bedrooms that can use more storage space, though due to the wealth of options for storage with an Ottoman they also serve as a great place to concisely keep everything bedroom needs, such as additional pillows, duvets and blankets.

    What sizes do Ottoman storage beds come in?

    With a few exceptions of Ottoman beds being available in a 3ft single, most Ottoman beds begin at 4ft6 double beds and can go up to 6ft super king beds.

    What materials can upholster an Ottoman storage bed?

    Like most beds, an Ottoman bedframe can be made of either metal or wood, with either material being left exposed for style purposes. Likewise, an Ottoman can be upholstered with fabric, padded or regular, and faux leather.

    Other than storage space under the sleeping area, what features can an Ottoman storage bed have?

    As well as offering a huge amount of storage space under the sleeping area Ottoman beds often feature shelf like storage areas along the side. Usually found in the more high end price bracket, Ottoman beds can also feature discreet compartments dedicated to concealing and revealing a flat screen television, though these televisions are not included with the beds.

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