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Cot Mattresses

Ensure your little one is as comfortable as possible at night with one of our 60 x 120 cot mattresses. Our extensive range of cot bed mattresses is specifically made to provide your baby with optimum support during the night to keep them sleeping sweet.

What’s more, they also come complete with removable covers should they have a little accident. All of our cot mattresses are sized 60 x 120 cm, so there will be plenty of room for them to sleep comfortably as they grow.

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Supportive Crib Mattresses

Our crib mattresses are child-friendly and crafted with high-quality materials with an incredibly safe and cosy design. If you’re looking for something that will last for the long-term, then look no further. If your little one is older, then consider one of our toddler mattresses.

Discover our range of extra safe cot mattresses and help everyone in your home get a better night’s sleep.

At Happy Beds, our cots and cot mattresses have to be purchased separately.

The size of a cot bed has a universal measurement of 60 x 120 cm. This size ensures that the mattress will snugly fit in any cot.

If a cot bed seems too small for your needs, we have a wide range of toddler mattresses that are the next size up and come in a 70 x 140 cm.

At Happy Beds, our cot mattresses are made of two materials:

  • Open coil springs: a mattress that features tightly wound springs that run from side to side across the frame. These mattresses come in a range of different firmness ratings.
  • Reflex foam: a supportive mattress made from polyurethane foam. This foam will mould to a body, offering support and correct spinal alignment.

A cot mattress should be used by children from the age of 0-2. For children older than this, making the move to a toddler bed/cot bed is recommended.

If you're not sure what bed you need, we have a useful kids' bed guide full of helpful information about the best bed for your child.

Cot mattresses should last at least five years.

Compared to standard mattresses that should be changed every 8-10 years, this number seems relatively small. Yet, as cot mattresses should only be used from the ages 0-2, then this number of years is standard for using a cot mattress and will provide support to your child as they grow up.

Looking for the perfect cot to go with your new mattress? At Happy Beds, we have a lovely range of cots and cot beds available.