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7 White Bedroom Ideas to Make You Forget About Colour When Decorating

7 White Bedroom Ideas to Make You Forget About Colour When Decorating

Minimalist. Modern. Clean. Chic. An all-white bedroom may not be the most practical, but it sure does look pretty amazing. So, if you’re feeling bold, but just aren’t barmy about colour, these white bedroom ideas might be just the way for you to make a style statement.


1. Add Dept with Layers of Material

Who said a lack of colour means a bedroom will appear flat? Not us. With layers, you can create depth and interest to make your room appear anything but one dimensional.

Folding back bedding, going crazy with scatter cushions, placing throws over the bed and investing in a decorative rug are all simple design techniques to make your bedroom look oh so luxurious.


2. Use Texture and Pattern to Warm Up the Space

If these layers are added in different textures and patterns, then even better! Mixing and matching will provide interest and warm up your bedroom, stopping it from feeling cold or stark – which many people fear from a white bedroom.

I love using faux fur, knits, and a hint of natural wood for a soft and soothing bedroom environment. I think Jess at @inside.number2's combination of materials on her Happy Beds' Lyon Day Bed (top left) is to die for.


3. Add a Mirror to Make Your Room Feel Bigger

I love pale colours in a bedroom as they can make a room feel so much fresher and, when it comes to white bedroom furniture decorating ideas, there is nothing better than mirrored furniture. Mirrored furniture reflects natural light, not only making your space feel lighter and brighter, but more spacious too!

Pictured are just a few of the stylish ways Happy Beds customers have used our mirrored furniture range in their homes.


4. Invest in Quality Over Quantity

One of the benefits of a one colour bedroom scheme is that there are no garish colour clashes, so you can see the quality of finishes and the time spent to craft the furniture and soft furnishings.

I would always recommend investing in a sturdy white double bed frame with a simplistic design for a reliable and versatile piece of furniture that will last for years to come.


5. Let Accessories Provide the Pop

If you’re not sure you can handle the entire room being white, why not create a pale backdrop and accessorise with pops of colour? Scatter cushions and bed throws are a great way to do this and can easily be changed up if you fancy a new look.

Take Lawson’s room from our_home_interior_3 (top left) and our Malmo White Wooden Ottoman Bed as inspiration.


6. ...Or Toys

White bedrooms aren’t just for adults! They can be perfect for your little ones too.

Don’t believe us? Well, take a look at our Room 2 Build range (pictured). This simple white kids’ bed provides children with the perfect base for their colourful build creations, is simple to keep clean, and comes with some handy built-in storage too!


7. Basic is Anything but Boring

White bedrooms may be absent of colour, but they’re anything but plain. Take a look at our range of white beds and see for yourself! Do you have a white bedroom? Share your pictures of your style with us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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