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How to Decorate a Gender Neutral Nursery

How to Decorate a Gender Neutral Nursery

Congratulations on your soon new arrival! Having a baby is one of the most exciting times of your life. However, I know it can also feel like a lot of pressure to get everything ready for their imminent entrance to the world.

If you’ve decided not to find out whether you’re having a boy or girl, it can seem particularly daunting. But deciding the best paint colour for a gender neutral nursery, or what cot to buy doesn’t have to be.

As a mother of three, I know what you’re going through. So, check out my top interior design tips for a modern gender neutral nursery, and advice from some of Britain’s favourite bloggers below.

Choose Your Furniture First

From wardrobes to a cot, chest of drawers to a nursing chair, furniture takes up a lot of space in any bedroom or nursey and will likely be the biggest investment you make for the room, so getting it right is key.

We discussed this with family lifestyle blogger, Sarah Anguish, from Boo Roo and Tigger Too who added:

‘This one room has to achieve so much, so instead of having to decorate or buy new furniture and accessories a year or two down the line making the right choices now will create the perfect long-lasting nursery for your little one and any siblings who come along in the future. Select your furniture first as this will outlive any theme, or colour scheme you select, so you need to take your time with this.’


Sarah Hughes from A Mundane Life, a family and disability blog, agrees. She told us:

'Gender neutral doesn’t have to mean sticking to greys, blacks and whites. We opted to paint our nursery light green, and add hints of pink and blue within the prints on the walls. Using white furniture meant that the room looked light and gave the illusion of more space, something that was needed as our nursery was our box room.

'As our daughter has turned into a toddler, her nursery hasn’t changed very much. The only addition is a wooden rail where she displays all her clothes. I would use a clothes rail for decoration again in the future, especially if I was unable to paint the walls. Her clothes palette mainly consists of grey, black, and navy, with a few hints of mustard and pink, so this adds a bit of colour to the room, but still keeps it quite neutral.'

Combine Colours and Patterns

Anguish advises using paint or wallpaper in soft beige or grey in a gender neutral nursery. As she explains:

‘When it comes to decoration painting three of the walls a neutral beige (dare I say magnolia) with the remaining wall becoming your statement wall. Choosing a wallpaper that has a classic pattern to it or a subtle grey paint will brighten up the room. Which when partnered with accessories in either contrasting or complimenting colour tones will tie in the design.’


Whereas Alexia from Roots and Wings Parenting, an online baby massage and rhyme video course provider, thinks colour is the way to go. She told us:

'I think that colours assigned to gender is something that should be challenged. Therefore, I would paint one wall a soft blue and other a soft pink as either colour works for whichever gender.

'It’s dull to have a white or yellow nursery, so don’t be afraid to go all out and use colours. There is no such thing as a boy’s or girl’s nursery, babies are all the same whatever their gender!

'Alternatively, animals are always a good option for a gender neutral nursery. Girls can like lions and boys can like butterfly’s. Mix it up a bit and there is something for everyone.'


The team at Slick Mummy blog and magazine add:

'Gender neutral does not need to be greige (grey beige). So many forward-thinking brands are creating brilliant unisex interior pieces. The Maggie and Rose at Home range sees the woodwork of mini tables and chairs given the Jackson Pollock treatment with colour pops of neon paint - akin to the ones which are loved by boys and girls alike in their venues.

'Remember gender is akin to the way a parent presents it: let them love unicorns and spaceships, regardless (Just, not greige).'

Add Warmth with Texture

I’m a big fan of adding textiles to a room to add texture and interest. This is especially true when it comes to working with muted colours, as a room can have a tendency to feel a bit cold and flat. And let’s be honest, clinical is far from the feeling you want during an early hours feed.

Whether it’s by adding a soft and furry throw over the back of your nursing chair, a hardy rug in the middle of the floor, or an unusual lamp shade, experimenting with texture is a fun and simple way of adding interest to your gender neutral nursery.


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