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Wabi-Sabi: How You Can Embrace the Next Big Home Trend

Wabi-Sabi: How You Can Embrace the Next Big Home Trend

We’re always looking at the latest trends from around the world in a bid to stay ahead of the curve. And recently, in this quest, I’ve fallen for a Japanese trend which I think is about to take the UK by storm.

What is Wabi-Sabi?

Whilst its name may remind you of the horseradish like plant, ‘wabi-sabi’ is in fact a term used to describe a Japanese philosophy that is quickly becoming one of the most influential interior trends.

‘Wabi’ refers to an understated elegance, specifically through rustic, natural elements and minimalistic design whereas ‘sabi’ means beautiful aging. The philosophy derives from Buddhist tea ceremonies – an integral part of which were its authentic, unique and hand-made utensils.

I love how this trend focuses on the transient nature of life, and highlights the fact that not being perfect is ok. Key principles include minimalistic design which features on a few personal and often vintage items to create harmony and peace.


How Can You Incorporate Wabi-Sabi Interior Design into Your Home?

1. Have a Good Sort Out and Invest in Decent Storage


If you want to embrace the minimalist wabi-sabi theme, then the first thing you’ll need to do is adopt a ‘less is more’ mentality. Have a good sort out, give clothes, books and general bric-a-brac to your local charity shop, or even sell them on Facebook Marketplace. However, you do it, clutter is a bit no-no with this trend.

If you’re not quite ready to break with your belongings, then perhaps you may like to store your items neatly away instead? Our Urban Rustic Range would be ideal for this, thanks to its simple design and raw material look. The merchant chest from the range is pictured above.


2. Only Display Key Pieces


Whether it’s a plant in a concrete pot, a frame with an old family photo, or a strategically placed ornament, make your key items the star of the show by leaving plenty of space around them on shelves or in the centre of tables.


3. Bring the Outside in


A simple way to embrace change with time is by displaying plants. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be the next Charlie Dimmock – opt for a low-maintenance succulent, spider plant, aloe or rubber plant for a wabi-sabi sense of the outdoors without the need to buy a trowel.


4. Invest in Rustic or Natural Furniture


Whether you prefer rustic wood, natural cotton, or earthenware, natural looking materials are an essential part of the wabi-sabi aesthetic. Therefore, investing in rustic yet sturdy wooden furniture is a style staple.

We love wooden beds here at Happy Beds, and we’re sure you will too when you’ve seen our range.


5. Find the Beauty in Simplicity


My final tip for incorporating the 2018 wabi-sabi trend into your home is to see the beauty in the simplest items.

Yes, a flamingo duvet cover and flowery wallpaper may look great in your daughter’s bedroom, but a more grown-up, minimalist design should be adopted in the communal areas and your master. That means fewer patterns and a more muted colour scheme, so the focus is on the form and functionality of a piece instead.


Let’s Adopt This 2018 Japanese Trend

Whether you’re looking for a new double bed or something a little more spacious, consider wabi-sabi when shopping for your new bedroom furniture for an up-to-date interior inspired by years of philosophy.

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